Latest Updates: Batches Open For Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Latest Updates: Batches Open For Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

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By Karishma Jayapaul


We have opened new batches for the Kashmir Great Lakes trek in July 2018. Like our Chief Editor, Swathi, who returned from the KGL trek two months ago says, “We’re already looking so far into the future. It’s amazing.”

This year we had a smooth running of the entire season of treks in Kashmir. It was a moment of celebration and pure joy as we sat in front of our computers looking at how beautiful the views are and wishing to be there someday.

You can take a look at the batch dates for July 2018 here.

Snowfall on the Har Ki Dun trek 

The Har Ki Dun trek witnessed this winter’s first snowfall last week. For all those of you anxiously awaiting snow on this trek, the wait is over!

The trekkers first experienced a tiny bit of snowfall at the Kalkatiyadhaar campsite. Later, they trekked on half a foot of snow at the Har Ki Dun campsite.

While the trek looks breathtaking now, it has also become colder than ever. Trek Leader Samkit says,”Trekkers need to be well prepared for their winter treks. Make sure you get all your five warm layers for this trek. I’d stress more on the thermals because they keep your chest warm.”

Cold winds on Kuari Pass trek 

While the appearance of snow on this trek is welcome, the cold has become more intense. Trek Leader Geet says, “The Khullara campsite is no doubt the prettiest campsite on this trek but it is also one of the most windy.” He suggests trekkers carry two woolen caps and a muffler to cover their head and their necks. “A lot of trekkers suffered from very dry, chapped and bleeding lips. A small box of petroleum jelly and something warm to cover the face could save them a lot of trouble,” he says.

Don’t forget a good, thick, padded jacket or a windcheater to beat the wind and the cold!

Below is a photo clicked by Geet at the Khullara campsite. This was his first attempt at night photography. Don’t let the cold stop you from using your photography skills 😀

Sandakphu going down to minus temperatures 

Speaking of windy campsites, the Sandakphu trek is known to be one of the windiest treks. The temperature on the Sabargram campsite has dropped down to minus 10 degrees Celsius. You can see a thin layer of ice formed on the grass, which is quite a sight. This is not snow and melts within a day.

Trek Leader Nikhil says, “Trekkers need to be well equipped for the cold winds on this trek. I would suggest they wear all five layers followed by a thin layer of a windcheater jacket. A thick balaclava like the one you get on the Indiahikes store is quite good to keep your face and neck warm.”

Deoriatal Chandrashila getting colder 

While the views on this trek are getting better by the day, the temperatures are only falling. It isn’t unusual for them to drop this low, especially at this time, but you must be prepared for it. Follow the guidelines on an earlier  week’s updates to enjoy the cold.

Nag Tibba gearing up for January snow

We had our last batch of weekend treks for the month of November. If you’re looking for a weekend away on a snow trek then we have batches open for the months of January and February.

You can check the dates for the Nag Tibba trek here.

We also have batches open for the Prashar Lake weekend trek for the month of January. You can take a look at this trek here.

Why Indiahikes does not organise the Chadar Trek 

We get a number of inquiries from trekkers regarding the Chadar trek and most often, we’re stumped. It is true that we used to organise the Chadar trek before. But, we do not organise it anymore. Our Chief Editor, Swathi, has written a heartfelt article about the truth behind why Indiahikes doesn’t run the Chadar trek. There is more to the story than you think. You can read this article here.

IIM Bangalore getting ready to go on the slopes

Our team heading the IIM Bangalore Mountain Challenge has left for the slopes this week. The challenge will take place on the Kedarkantha trek.

We had a session of team building in our Bangalore office while trying out a new set of games for the program. Trust me, the students are in for a journey of great discoveries.

This week was a mix of goodbyes to our team going to the slopes and a rush of excitement to begin the winter treks season.

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