Lohajung Comes Up With New Upcycling Ideas: Updates From Roopkund

Lohajung Comes Up With New Upcycling Ideas: Updates From Roopkund

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By Neha Satheesan


Our Green Trails team send us the latest updates from Lohajung, the base camp of the famous Roopkund trek.

Upcycled coasters made from paper

To clean up or not to clean up

The upcycling activities are feasible only when we collect and segregate the waste generated.

We scheduled a clean up drive last week. Our team was initially disappointed to find themselves alone picking up the waste along the road leading up to the local market.

When they saw the locals walking in after an hour, they were delighted to see what had held them up. Turns out that they had collected sacks full of waste on their way from their villages to the market!

Segregation at school – in learning, in practice

Each of our team members has been working with 5 families in every village to help them go zero waste. Parallely, we started the same process at schools. The first step is proper segregation.

Green Trails Fellow Smriti went to the local school at Mundoli to help set up a segregation system for the waste generated.

Students were encouraged to pick up waste on their way to school and segregate them into these two bins.

Meanwhile, our weekly lessons at the local schools in and around Lohajung continue. All our Green Trails Fellows have adopted schools in each village to teach in twice a week.

Here, Green Trails Fellow Laura shares a few photos with us. It makes me so happy to see these impressionable young minds in action.

With that, we are signing off for now. Until the next update, stay tuned on our instagram page.

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Neha Satheesan

Head of Green Trails & Video Content

About the author

Neha Satheesan is the Green Trails Manager. A Master in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, she works with trekkers and local communities to make trekking an environment-friendly sport. Passionate about community-led initiatives, she believes in empowering people to become agents of change. When not busy saving the environment, she likes to explore cities, doodle and bring up baby plants.