Indiahikes Manali Campus Team collects 221.9 kg of waste in ONE DAY!

Indiahikes Manali Campus Team collects 221.9 kg of waste in ONE DAY!

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By Latika Payak


Yesterday was an exciting day for our team at the Indiahikes Manali Campus. They stepped up for an intense sustainability challenge.

“Usually we do a Green Sweep after our morning meeting for 5-10 minutes. During this, we collect around 4-5 kg every day,” shares Abhishek Kumar, Indiahikes Slope Manager in Manali.

But yesterday, our staff divided themselves into three teams, and each team agreed to collect a minimum of 8 kg from around the campus that had collected and was rotting as an aftermath of the heavy rains that Himachal Pradesh had recently experiences.

It was not easy.

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Manali team who participated in the Green Sweep. Photo by Abhishek Kumar.

“Much of the waste was rotting, so dealing with the smell was a challenge. There were also broken glass bottles that people had left behind. Handling such bottles, especially when we were carrying the waste from difficult-to-reach places was challenging. A few team members sustained small cuts due to the broken glass,” Abhishek shares.

But all team members were in high spirits and collected a total of 221.9 kg of waste by the end of the challenge.

This waste was segregated and is now being sent to the Karich Organisation ( for systematic disposal.

Such Green Sweeps are a part of our Green Trails initiatives. They partly address the problem of waste management in the mountains, where a lot of waste keeps lying around in the absence of a strong waste collection system. In fact, all groups trekking with Indiahikes pick up such litter from the mountains and bring it back as a part of their trek.

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Latika Payak

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