Mountain Lovers Gold Calendar 2023 Now Shipping!

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Mountain Lovers Gold Calendar 2023 Now Shipping!

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By Swathi Chatrapathy


After a long wait since we announced pre-orders, we have finally started shipping our calendars!

The first lot of 300 calendars went out of our store yesterday (Nov 14th). We have 1,200 more booked already, which our team is speedily shipping this week!

If you have not yet ordered yours, now is the best time to do it. We have hardly 300 calendars left. This is the link to place the order.

What’s really exciting this time is that we not only have our iconic wall calendar, but we have a classy desk calendar too. :)

For a long time, we’ve toyed with the idea of having a desk calendar. But we have always been hesitant about whether it would do justice to the grand pictures we have from the mountains. 

After receiving our proof copy fresh off the press, we are floored by the desk calendar as much as we are about the wall calendar. 

Our wall calendar, of course, needs no introduction. 

Just like every year, this year also the wall calendar is large, 19 inches in width and 14 inches in height. It bursts to life, giving you the wonderful feeling that the mountains are truly in your room.

The best part? Both calendars have unique photographs. So you can put up the wall calendar in your home, and keep the desk calendar on your work desk. At least that’s what I plan to do! :)

I must say, a lot of effort has gone into making the calendar. It took us close to two months to select 24 images for both the calendars. But we loved the process! 

The photos have all been taken by Indiahikes trekkers and team members. And what an honour it is for them to be featured in this calendar! 

All I can say is that this year too, the much-loved gold calendars live up to all its hype from the past 5 years. It is truly a mountain lover’s calendar. 

So pre-order yours soon. Last year, our calendar sold out in 13 days

The desk calendar costs Rs 320. And the wall calendar costs Rs 520. 

This cost includes all taxes and shipping. 

There’s also a 15% discount if you order two or more calendars. Hope you make full use of it. 

Here’s are the links to order the calendars

Order Your Wall Calendar

Order Your Desk Calendar 

It will take around 2-3 days to reach cities around Bangalore, and around 4-5 days to reach cities farther away.

If you’re looking to have it shipped internationally, we’ll be happy to send it. There’s an extra shipping cost for that. Please write to about it. She will gelp you out.

In case you want to order for large quantities as well (above 20), get in touch with her. We’ll help process your order quickly. 

Swathi Chatrapathy

Chief Editor

About the author

Swathi Chatrapathy heads the digital content team at Indiahikes. She is also the face behind India's popular trekking video channel, Trek With Swathi. Unknown to many, Swathi also writes a weekly column at Indiahikes which has more than 100,000 followers.

A TEDx speaker and a frequent guest at other events, Swathi is a much sought after resource for her expertise in digital content.

Before joining Indiahikes, Swathi worked as a reporter and sub-editor at a daily newspaper. She holds a Masters's in Digital Journalism and continues to contribute to publications. Trekking, to her, is a sport that liberates the mind more than anything else. Through trekking, Swathi hopes to bring about a profound impact on a person's mind, body and spirit.

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