Neha Pant speaks to you from the Kedarkantha summit

Neha Pant speaks to you from the Kedarkantha summit

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By Akanksha Raju


When you do a winter trek, there is undeniable hope for snowfall somewhere at the back of your mind. All the pictures of the trek start to come alive and the campsites transform into a scene out of a fairytale.

Neha Pant experienced the season’s first snowfall when she did the Kedarkantha trek with us in December 2016. Here, our Trek Leader Tanmay catches her on camera as she talks about all the many things that a trek has to offer you and her love for the Indiahikes community. Can you sense the elation in her voice?

“If you want to know yourself, go take a hike! Only when you set out on a Himalayan trek, do you realise what it can do for you.”

The Kedarkantha trek has a thick carpet of snow all through winter until April! You can get all the details of the trek here.

Akanksha Raju

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