Winners announced for February-March 2018 Trek Photographer of the Mon...

Winners announced for February-March 2018 Trek Photographer of the Month Contest

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By Sneha Rao


February was peak winter in the Himalayas. We did not run too many treks since snow blocked most trails in Uttarakhand. However, the weather was perfect to trek in the east at Sandakphu and do lower altitude weekend treks such as Nag Tibba and Prashar lake.

March, on the other hand, saw the onset of spring and with it, the opening up many more trails. Trekkers could not have asked for more with most treks showering them with snow, flowers and magnificent views.

The 300+ entries we received for February and March together bear witness to the weather on these treks.

Here are the winners for the Trek Photographer of the Month.

We have picked three winners. In addition, we also have a Trekkers’ Choice Award for the photograph with the maximum number of votes.

Trek Photographer of the Month

Valay Bhatt – Kuari Pass

Ascent from Khullara to Kuari Pass

This picture captures the scale and panorama at Kuari Pass very well. You can see Hathi and Gauri mountains towering above the other mountains. At the same time, the tree line from where the trekkers have ascended is also clearly visible.

First Runner Up

Sayantan – Brahmatal

Story telling at Bekaltal

This picture has many things going for it. First of all, it tells a great story. We can imagine the awe with which the relaxed trekkers assembled there are listening to a tale narrated perhaps by their guide. The picture is also composed beautifully, with adequate justice done to the light, shadows and reflection in the lake.

Second Runner Up

Raghunandana Alse – Kuari Pass

Khullara campsite

We loved this picture for the way it brings out the action at Khullara campsite. Despite the snow and the looming clouds trekkers are up and about. The photographer is distant yet you immediately get a feel of the energy here.

Trekkers’ Choice Award

Bhaumik Shah – Kedarkantha

A view of Gaichawan Gaon

The seclusion and charm of a village in Uttarakhand are perfectly captured in this picture. Houses set amidst millet and vegetable fields are a typical sight here. Gaichawan Gaon, the base camp for Kedarkantha trek is secluded to the extent that if you don’t have a pre-booked jeep, the only way to reach here is by walking for over an hour from Naitwar.


Karthik Pujar – Har ki Dun

View of the Milky Way from Har ki Dun campsite

The night sky holds a lot of fascination for trekkers and photographers. After all, it is very rare to find such a clear and opulent sky when you are not on a trek. This photograph not only captures this opulence, it also focuses very well on the Milky Way.

Poonam – Kuari Pass

View from Khullara

This picture has a lot of depth. It effectively captures the layers of landscape that you see from Khullara. The snow filled meadow, the tree line bordering the meadow and the rows of mountains beyond.

Raghunandana Alse – Kuari Pass

Golden view of Dronagiri

The massive Dronagiri mountain stays with you almost throughout the Kuari Pass trek. This picture, though clicked when there is low light, captures the scale of the mountain. At the same time, each detail, ridge and fold of the mountain is clearly visible.

Unnikrishnan – Sandakphu

Red panda

Red pandas are extremely difficult to sight. And being ready with your camera when they strike a pose is even more rare. This picture is beautifully framed. It has also been clicked against the light, without blurring out the panda. A less talented photographer might have captured only the silhouette of the animal and the leaves!

Vignash Dheenadayalan – Har ki Dun

Tiny dots in the valley

The snow, terrain and dried up trees in this image bring alive the winter trek experience in this picture. At the same time, you also see the trekkers scattered in the valley, their tininess in stark contrast to the  sheer size of the  valley. This picture beautifully brings out the grandeur of the valley.

Sarbartha Pramanik – Brahmatal

We have seen many pictures of Mt Trishul from the Brahmatal trek. But this one stands out for its clarity, the composition and the proximity. You get really close to this towering 23,356 ft tall mountain on this trek.

Congratulations to all the winners and the nominated photographers!

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Sneha Rao

About the author

Sneha is an erstwhile HR professional from Bangalore, now living in Mumbai. She has trekked several trails in Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Kerala and Meghalaya. She holds the Green Trails idea close to her heart and enjoys researching and writing about the environment.