Indiahikes November 2022 Photo Contest - Sunrises and Sunsets

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Indiahikes November 2022 Photo Contest - Sunrises and Sunsets

Theme: Sunrises and Sunsets

Category Photo Contest Trekker Space

By Jothiranjan


We are back with the November edition of the Indiahikes Photo Contest, which is open to all. You're welcome to participate no matter which part of the country you are in (even overseas). You're welcome to share pictures from your Indiahikes treks or treks you have done on your own.

Theme: Sunrises and Sunsets

This month, your challenge is to steal our hearts with your best sunrise/sunset frames. Show us your best captures of the magnificent skylines, the alpenglow, the golden hour, the silhouettes, and the emotions. Share your best story-telling pictures with us.

Share your best sunrise and sunset pictures with us :) We are looking for great pictures that tell a story.

Click here to enter your top 5 photographs

Here are the kind of photos we are looking for:

Before sending in your photos, take a look at these:

Sunset above the clouds. Picture by Sanjay Nargund

Sunset on Mt Trishul. Picture by Ambuj Gupta

Sunrise from Khullara, Kuari Pass. Picture by Yashwant K

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First rays of Sun on Mt Shivling. Picture by Akshay Upadhya

Deoriatal Chandrashila - Best Himalayan Trek - Sunset in the mountains - Chopta - Tungnath - Indihikes

A dramatic sunrise from the Chandrashila summit. Picture by Vivek Saini

Now that you have a good idea of what we're looking for, run through your archives and share your Top 5 Photographs that depict this month’s theme Sunrises and Sunsets.

We have special prizes for our top 3 photographs :

  • The winner gets a 50-litre Rucksack by Adventure Worx.
  • The Runner up gets this wonderful water purifying bottle by Paany.
  • Trekkers Choice Award gets a surprise Goodie Bag from Indiahikes. The photo that wins the highest votes out of our Top 10 nominations will be the Trekkers choice award

Contest rules & How to Enter :

1. You can submit a maximum of 5 photos (Both Landscape and Vertical/Mobile photos accepted)

2. The size of each photograph should not exceed 10 MB

3. Please name your photos in the following format

“Trek name – Your name – Caption”

For eg. “Buran Ghati - Aditya Ramesh - A view of the Litham Campsite"

Regarding copyright: Copyright for all images submitted as a participant remains with the respective photographers. However, each photographer grants a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual license to Indiahikes to feature any or all of the submitted images in any of their publications, their websites and/or in any promotional material connected to this competition (with due credit).

The last date for entries is on November 25th, 2022 at 11.59 pm.

We will announce the nominations on our website on November 28th, 2022, and the winners on December 1st, 2022.

PLEASE NOTE: If the above conditions are not met, we will not be considering your photos for the contest.

Click here to enter your top 5 photos

Looking forward to seeing your best photographs. Good luck!


Head Photographer

About the author

Jothiranjan is a National Award Winning wildlife and landscape photographer with over 8 years of experience. He has spent several years documenting animal and bird life in the remotest forest reserves of India. He joined Indiahikes with a keen interest to document the trekking world like nobody has before. He has been successfully pursuing his thirst for adventure and trek photography since 2021, gaining the priceless skill of adventure photography as he grows.

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