Winners of Trek Photographer of the Month- April 2017

Winners of Trek Photographer of the Month- April 2017

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By Karishma Jayapaul


This month’s photo contest saw numerous entries with some of the most spectacular compositions! Each photograph had a story of its own. Our trekkers  gave such a fresh perspective for our April treks–  We were stumped. So, we borrowed help from a professional.

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Milind Tambe.

Our judge, Milind Tambe  is a Maritime Professional who is also a keen trekker and photographer.

He has been practicing photography actively since 1985 and continues to do so. His images have been published in the EYE – Photomagazine on repeated occasions. One of his image also appears in this year’s Mountain Lover’s Gold Calendar.

Milind has also authored a book on Imaging Techniques for the Maritime Survey Industry, currently published by the International Institute of Marine Surveying, UK.

We asked Milind to use his expertise in picking out the best of the best from the lot.

Here are the winners for the April 2017 Photo contest!


Trek Photographer of the month- Lavanyaa

Har ki Dun

We simply love the fresh approach in this picture by Lanvanya. Without any inferences to mountains, tents, trails or surroundings, this picture beautifully summarises the thrill of a winter trek. The kind of utensils and the snow tell the story of the hours that have passed. You can just experience those cold hours by looking at this photograph.

Congratulations Lavanyaa! You have won an Adri 45 Rucksack from Wildcraft!

1st Runner Up – Vijesh

Everest Base Camp

We like the scale of this picture.   The photograph beautifully conveys the vastness of the landscape by including the trekkers and the natural leading lines in the composition. It helps the eye to amass the vastness and visually travel right through the image. Indeed, on a trek like Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Ri, the landscapes are fantastic and give you a feel of insignificance amidst nature.

2nd Runner Up – Ameya Surve

Har ki Dun

This is surely a shift from the otherwise “mountain landscape like any other”. There is some thought that has been put into the photograph. Our judge believes if the person was a little to the left 1/3 rd of the frame, this photograph could be an absolute stunner. Nevertheless, this picture captures the serenity of being in Har Ki Dun valley.

Trekker’s Choice

Deoriatal – Chandrashila – K. Samitha Vivek

What an interesting photograph of the Deoriatal lake! A classical composition with a tried and tested view is what does the trick here.


Har ki Dun – Samar Rahman

This is another beautiful landscape shot. Our judge was impressed with the good technique used in blurring the river water.


Har ki Dun – Samar Rahman

We have another strong image from Samar. You can feel the cold water, and the chilly air right before sunrise at Har Ki Dun campsite.


Sandakphu – Sushma Srinivas

A lot of participants submitted images of local villagers, but this picture from Gorkhey village on Sandakphu trek surely stands out. It speaks about the ways of life of these mountain dwellers. The simple cart that they are used to carry the mud speaks volumes of their frugal lifestyle.  Trekking for us urban folks is all about understanding this aspect of frugal living in today’s materialistic world.


Everest Base Camp – Niyati Hemani

What a captivating landscape! This is the trail right after Chola Pass and you can see a different face Ama Dablam in distance. This photograph as made lovely use of panorama. It could have done wonders if it had foreground interest as well!


Deoriatal – Chandrashila – Mayank Sharma

What a fine use of photographic technique. The leading line of mountains compensates for the lack of foreground interest. The silhouettes of mountains in background takes you to lovely mornings at Chandrashila summit!


Kuari Pass – Nachiketa

What a brilliant snowscape! This trek is a winter wonderland. Our judge believes the image could have been more dynamic by a slight shift in position: a little left, so the trail could be more diagonal in the frame.


Har ki Dun – Samar Rahman

We just can’t get enough of Samar’s photography! The slow shutter speed has given the desired effect of time travel and you can actually feel the seconds pass by as the cloud drifts and the water flows.


Pangarchulla – Saini Krishnamurti

What an impressive image from Pangarchulla Peak trek! It gives you a feel of an expedition. We loves the way the eye leads from the first trekker to the ranges in the back ground. However, our judge adds that a bit of cropping from the right and a better processing could have made a big difference to the image.


Kuari Pass – Nachiketa

What synchronization can the mountains bring about in us! It is these photos that remind us of the grandeur of Kuari Pass trail.  Our judge feels the photograph could have been even better if the approach towards processing was a little different.

So there you go, our 13 nominees for the April 2017 Photo contest. Vote for your favourite photo in the poll below and help the best one win!

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Karishma Jayapaul

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