The Photo contest results are out!

The Photo contest results are out!

Category Photo Contest

By Seersha Nambiar


For this month’s photo contest we have 3 winners chosen by our judge Brijesh Tiwari and a special “Trekkers’ Choice Prize” chosen by you!

Congratulations to all the great photographers!

Keep trekking and keep inspiring us with lovely pictures!



Sourasis Das- Hampta Pass

The colors are no less than magical but the best thing about this photo is it’s composition. This flat space on the way to Balu ka Gera with a touch of pink makes it look like it’s straight out of a fairy tale! The element of life in the picture adds to it’s serenity. Perfectly framed! We love it!

low-preview-34682 hampta pass twilight at jwara indiahikes34682 hampta pass twilight at jwara indiahikes

Hampta Pass-Twilight at Jwara


1st Runner Up

Ravindra Joisa – Kanamo Peak trek

What a perfectly timing! The lighting is amazing as it beautifully captures the rising dust. Yaks are not very friendly creatures and wild yaks can be dangerous which makes this photo very brave. An excellent action shot.

low-preview-34682 kanamo yak in the wild during golden hours indiahikes34682 kanamo yak in the wild during golden hours indiahikes

Kanamo trek-Photo of yaks in the wild


2nd Runner Up

Ashok KS- Kashmir Great Lakes

This wide angle shot shows the enormity of the Nandkol lake by comparing it with the campsite. The clouds settling on Mount Harmukh in the background add to the drama.

low-preview-34682 kashmir grel ashok ks satsar campsite34682 kashmir grel ashok ks satsar campsite

Kashmir Great Lakes -Nandkol campsite


Trekkers’ Choice Prize with 265 votes!

Abhishek – Valley of Flowers

Photographing an insect in flight requires ninja skills, which is why “Bee in a flower” is one of our favorites and yours!

low-preview-34682 valley of flowers abhishek bee in a flower indiahikes34682 valley of flowers abhishek bee in a flower indiahikes

Valley of flowers-Bee in a flower




1. Sourasis Das – Hampta Pass

Every trekker who goes to Hampta Pass comes back with wonderful pictures of Chandratal Lake. This photo beautifully captures the oft overlooked route taken to the lake. The play of shadows give rocky mountains look like sheaths of raw silk!

low-preview-34682 hampta pass chandrataal approach indiahikes34682 hampta pass chandrataal approach indiahikes

Hampta Pass trek – Approaching Chandratal lake


2. Preethi – Hampta Pass

What a great action shot! Stream crossings are everywhere on the Hampta Pass trek. It’s like hopping from one page of a book to another. In this picture you see the change in scenery from coniferous forests to scattered birch trees. A wonderfully captured action shot.

low-preview-34682 hampta pass trek indiahikes34682 hampta pass trek indiahikes

Hampta Pass – Crossing a stream at Chika


3. Debdatto – Hampta Pass

Tranquility and serenity at Chandratal lake. The colours are out of this world; subtle yet leaves a strong impact on the viewer.

low-preview-34682 hampta  tranquility and serenity personified chandrataal indiahikes34682 hampta  tranquility and serenity personified chandrataal indiahikes

Hampta Pass -Tranquility at Chandratal lake


4. Neil de Souza – Kashmir great Lakes

Can you spot the human in this picture? This picture is great just for that!

low-preview-34682 kashmir great lakes on the mountains indiahikes34682 kashmir great lakes on the mountains indiahikes

Kashmir great Lakes trek – Man on the mountain!


5. Sanjit Krishnan Kaul – Pin Parvati Pass

The view ahead from Pin Parvati pass leaves trekkers dumbfounded. How would you feel if you came across such a landscape after days of walking through the parched Spiti valley?

low-preview-34682 pinparvatipass lookingaheadfromthepinparvatipass indiahikes34682 pinparvatipass lookingaheadfromthepinparvatipass indiahikes

Pin Parvati Pass-View from Pin Parvati Pass


6. Pushkar Kanhere – Hampta Pass

Majestically standing, modestly covered in patches of snow is peak 5260. A mesmerizing sight at the Hampta Pass.

low-preview-34682 hampta pass indraasan indiahikes34682 hampta pass indraasan indiahikes

Hampta Pass – Peak 5260


7. Ashok KS – Kashmir great Lakes

Kashmir Great lakes trek is without doubt the most photogenic trek we know of. This photo by Ashok KS reaffirms this belief.

low-preview-34682 kashmir great lakes vishnusar lake during the climb indiahikes34682 kashmir great lakes vishnusar lake during the climb indiahikes

Kashmir Great Lakes-Vishnusar lake

A note about our judge: Brijesh Tiwari

Brijesh Tiwari is a traveler at heart. Hailing from Lucknow, Brijesh works in the sales department of ITC. He has been travelling to countries from all over the world for the last 12 years, his latest adventure being in Greenland! His love for trekking comes from exploring non-touristy spots to capture the best landscape shots.

You can take a look at his Imgrum account here – Brijesh Tiwari.


Seersha Nambiar

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Having studied business management, Seersha worked as a financial analyst for a year. But having been brought up close to nature, she took to the outdoors and turned towards travel writing.