How to Plan your return from Rupin Pass trek

How to Plan your return from Rupin Pass trek

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By Sneha Rao


Rupin Pass is a classic example of a crossover trek. You start trekking in last villages of Uttarakhand, climb into forests and meadows of Himachal Pradesh and descend into the Sangla valley after crossing the Pass. Because of its sheer geographical spread, trekkers often find it challenging to plan their travel to and from the trek.

Given the nature of this trek, trekkers often reach out to us to plan their journey to and from the base camp. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions by trekkers about travel options to reach and get back from the trek. These should help you plan your trek.

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Frequently asked questions about planning a return from Rupin Pass trek

1. Where does the Rupin Pass trek end?

The trek ends at Sangla in Himachal Pradesh.

2. What is the nearest airport/railhead to Sangla?

Chandigarh is the nearest airport. The next option is New Delhi. Kalka is the nearest railhead.

3. How far is the airport/railhead from Sangla?

Here are the distances from Sangla

  • Kalka – 309 km
  • Chandigarh – 335 km
  • New Delhi – 580 km

4. How do I reach Chandigarh or Kalka or New Delhi from Sangla?

To get to Chandigarh or New Delhi from Sangla, you first need to come to Shimla (224 km from Sangla).

From Shimla, there are regular buses to all three places.

The road journey from Shimla to New Delhi is very long (around 12 hours). However, you can go to Kalka by road and take a train from Kalka to New Delhi.

5. What are the train options from Kalka to New Delhi?

There are four trains that ply daily from Kalka to New Delhi. The fastest amongst these are the Shatabdi trains

  • Kalka Shatabdi starting from Kalka at 6.15 am and reaching New Delhi at 10.20 am
  • Kalka Shatabdi starting from Kalka at 17.45 and reaching New Delhi at 21.55

6. Will Indiahikes arrange transport from Sangla to Shimla?

Yes, Indiahikes can arrange for shared vehicles from Sangla to Shimla on the day you finish your trek (Day 9). Vehicles will start from Sangla at 2.00 pm and reach Shimla by 1.00 am.

7. Is it safe to reach Shimla so late in the night?

It is safe to reach Shimla late in the night. In fact, most trekkers wait at the Shimla bus stand itself to board buses to Delhi/Chandigarh. These buses start at 5.00 am.

8. How do I go from Shimla to Kalka / Chandigarh / New Delhi?

There are buses from Shimla to all the three places. Buses start every 15 minutes. This is the most economical way to travel. You also have the option of hiring a cab from Shimla.

It takes around 4 hours to reach Chandigarh from Shimla.

9. Can Indiahikes arrange transport from Sangla to Chandigarh or Delhi?

Indiahikes will not arrange transport from Sangla to Chandigarh or Delhi. However, you can get contact details of local transporters from your Trek Coordinator 2 weeks prior to the trek. You can fix up with them on your own.

If you book a cab directly to Kalka or Chandigarh, please note that most transport providers in Sangla have licenses to operate only in Himachal Pradesh. Chandigarh and Delhi fall in different states. Make sure that the vehicle you book has a license t travel in different states.

10. Can I travel from Sangla to Shimla on my own?

Yes, you can travel to Shimla on your own. There are two local buses that ply between the two places every day. One at 5.30 pm, reaching the following day. The other at 6.30 am, reaching the same evening.

Other questions about traveling to Rupin Pass

1. Where does the trek begin?

The Rupin Pass trek begins at Dhaula, a village in Uttarakhand.

2. What is the nearest railhead or airport to get to Dhaula?

Dehradun is the nearest railway station. The Jolly Grant airport is also located here. Dehradun is well connected by trains from New Delhi and flights from all major cities in India.

3. What is the best way to reach Dehradun?

To reach Dehradun, you can either fly-in directly or reach Delhi first and take a train to Dehradun.

Reaching Dehradun by flight: If you wish to fly to Dehradun, make sure you arrive at least a day before your travel to Dhaula.

For example, if your drive to Dhaula is on 6th May, then take a flight on 5th May.

Flights to Dehradun usually land after 10.00 am, making it too late to leave for Dhaula the same day.

Reaching Dehradun by train: If you wish to take a train from New Delhi, you have two options –

  • Nanda Devi Express, which leaves from New Delhi at 23.50 and reaches Dehradun at 5.40 am
  • Jan Shatabdi, which leaves from New Delhi at 15.20 and reaches Dehradun at 21.10

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4. How to reach Dhaula from Dehradun?

Indiahikes arranges shared vehicles for trekkers from Dehradun to Dhaula. The meeting point is Dehradun Railway station at 6.30 am. It costs Rs.6,000 for a 5-6 seater vehicle. Trekkers split the cost amongst themselves and pay the driver directly.

It takes 8-10 hours to reach Dhaula from Dehradun. You reach Dhaula by 6.00 pm. 

If you have any other question that is not addressed here please leave a comment below.

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