Indiahikes is Recruiting Again!

Indiahikes is Recruiting Again!

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By Swathi Chatrapathy


Many trekkers have been asking me if we have started recruiting again. I’m happy to tell you that we have. You may have missed this email last week.

So I’m sharing some roles that you may find interesting.

If you’d like to work with us, or know someone who may like to work with us, this email will give you a good idea of the roles we have.

1. Experience Coordinators (full time, Bengaluru based)

Experience Coordinators help build the unique trek experience that Indiahikes is known for. They focus primarily on the pre and the post trek experience, while our Trek Leaders focus on the ‘on-trek’ experience. 

Experience Coordinators work closely with other departments to build these experiences. They talk extensively with trekkers, understand and learn from their experience. The role requires considerable imagination and creativity.

The role also requires them to handle trekker queries, help them solve their problems, be an adviser to them and coordinate their movements.

It is a role that has communication at its crux. Which is why people who are well-travelled, socially friendly and with good exposure to the outside world fit this role well.

Experience Coordinators work out of our office in Bangalore. We are only looking for those between 23 and 28 years of age. 

2. Assistant Experience Coordinators (part-time, work from home, but Bengaluru based)

This is a part-time home based role for those who cannot join our office team. The role requires you to assist our Experience Coordinators team with their regular work.

So it’s not something you can do after office hours. It does not suit those who would like to supplement their regular income after office hours.

AEC’s need to commit to 5-6 hours a day for this. This would be at usual office hours, but with some flexibility. We work on Saturdays too, so the work is between Monday and Saturday. We want you to be Bengaluru based so that you can visit us at the office once or twice a week. 

The role requires excellent communication skills (English and Hindi). Prior work experience is required.

As an indicator, this role pays around Rs 2.4 lakhs per annum to start with. 

3. Content Team Members (full time, Bengaluru based)

Indiahikes is known for its information. We have been building authentic, informative and creative content for our trekking database for the past 12 years. We are the Trekipedia of the country. Every Content team member helps grow this vast database of trek information. 

In this role, you write thought provoking articles, research the world of trekking, document treks, interview experts in the field, work on photographs, videos and podcasts. 

As a member of the content team you also take the growth of Indiahikes forward. You do that with articles, videos and our brand messages. 

The variety in the role is enormous; the work is global. Growth in this role is rapid. The worst thing that could happen is that you will be working directly with me. 🙂

For this role:

  • I need you to write well. I am horrified at people who think they can write fluently, but cannot. I don’t want you to have a masters in English, but writing fluently is an ability honed since childhood. When I see your application I will know. 
  • You are willing to be Bangalore based.
  • I do give preference to those from the world of media or have exposure to the world of content. However, if you write well and are willing to be groomed that suits me as well.

4. Assistant Trek Leaders (you will work in the mountains)

There are some roles that are written straight out of MBA textbooks. This is one of them. 

If you are keen to assist our Trek Leaders on our treks, learn leadership from them along with management skills, then this is the perfect opportunity. If you do well you could become a Trek Leader with us.

Trek leadership is not about taking trekkers from point A to B. It is about creating an experience that stays with a trekker for a lifetime. These are no ordinary trek experiences. These incorporate the best of outdoor learning on our treks. 

As an Assistant Trek Leader you will learn management skills that are at par with the best of MBA training across the world. 

Further, I don’t have to tell you about leadership skills. People from across the world apply to work with us as outdoor leaders. The reason is simple. Outdoor leadership is the highest form of collaborative leadership that anyone can learn. Leading a team of trekkers in the outdoors where you have to take firm decisions every minute, every hour, day after day hones your leadership skills that no amount of classroom training or office experience can give.    

What you need to come with:

  • Very good fitness. A BMI lower than 24.
  • Age: between 23 and 28.
  • Work experience in other industries
  • Excellent English communication skills
  • Good trek experience, preferably Himalayan. Treks like Triund and Kheerganga do not count. 
  • If you have trekked with Indiahikes, we love that! You already understand the Indiahikes trek experience.  
  • If you are well read, travelled extensively, have a good exposure in life, you make the ideal Assistant Trek Leader.

How to apply 

If you or someone you know would like to take your career forward at Indiahikes, here is how you go about it.

Click this link to go to our careers page. Follow the instructions on “How to Apply”.

If you are shortlisted, we will write back within seven days, usually quicker.

After that, we’ll have our recruitment process, which you’ll find very interesting. All our applicants tell us it’s the most different interview process they have been to (whether they’re selected or not).

I must admit, we are extremely picky about whom we work with, but those who are finally selected, have their personal and professional journeys charted out for a long time to come. Many find it hard to believe, but most of us at Indiahikes are here for life.

With that, I’ll give you time to share this further or mull this over. 

Just drop in a comment if you have any questions. 

Swathi Chatrapathy

Chief Editor

About the author

Swathi Chatrapathy heads the digital content team at Indiahikes. She is also the face behind India's popular trekking video channel, Trek With Swathi. Unknown to many, Swathi also writes a weekly column at Indiahikes which has more than 100,000 followers.

A TEDx speaker and a frequent guest at other events, Swathi is a much sought after resource for her expertise in digital content.

Before joining Indiahikes, Swathi worked as a reporter and sub-editor at a daily newspaper. She holds a Masters's in Digital Journalism and continues to contribute to publications. Trekking, to her, is a sport that liberates the mind more than anything else. Through trekking, Swathi hopes to bring about a profound impact on a person's mind, body and spirit.