My voyage to the most coveted trek in India

My voyage to the most coveted trek in India

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By Samruddhi Gokhale


After successfully completing the Chanderkhani pass trek, Samruddhi found herself looking for another trek to do. Voila! She found Roopkund , one of the most popular trekking destinations in India. Upon her return to civilisation, she jotted down her experience in the mountains with intricate detailing. Read her blog here.

On the way, we stopped at a place where there are 3 big pits. Our guide-Mr. Singh told us a mythological story which is as follows: A king along with some dancers were going for a pilgrimage. They took a break at this point and the king got engrossed in watching the dancers perform. Due to this, the goddess got angry and turned the king into a stone (patthar) and the three dancers were buried in the three pits. Click here to read more…

Samruddhi Gokhale

About the author

Samruddhi Gokhale is a Software developer by profession. She is a big time trekking enthusiast. After having successfully completed the Chanderkhani pass trek, she recently went on her second high altitude trek to the skeleton lake at Roopkund.