I climbed up Sandakphu to see the Great Sleeping Buddha

I climbed up Sandakphu to see the Great Sleeping Buddha

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By Sarath Chandra


Most philosophers emphasize on seeing life as a journey. Not a destination. It’s the same with any trek. A true trekker absorbs nature with every step he takes. He savors every moment. He enjoys his journey as much as he celebrates at the destination. Sarath Chandra went on the Sandakphu Phalut trek in October 2016. Here he records an interesting chain of thoughts. One that often runs through the mind of every trekker.


Here is an excerpt from the blog

“Even as the steps accumulated, the pain became sharper and the exhaustion greater. I stumbled and the rhythm was broken. I was no more one with the mountain. I looked up now and the destination seemed forbiddingly far and the path impossibly steep. The resolve began to break and the mountains seemed to have won. But yet, I had one last trick up my sleeve; companionship. When all seems lost, humans fall back upon their one greatest strength, the other human beings.” Read more…


Sarath Chandra

About the author

Sarath Chandra is a Chartered Accountant. He is currently pursuing his MBA at IIM-Calcutta. Sandakphu was his first Himalayan trek out of many to come!