September 2015 Photo Contest - Results

September 2015 Photo Contest - Results

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By Sandhya UC


“You don’t take a photograph. You make it.” – Ansel Adams

True to Ansel’s words, all the photographs below have been made with talent and a good eye for beautiful things.

We received entries from multiple treks for the September 2015 Photo Contest –  Roopkund, Deoriatal – Chandrashila, Pin Parvati and Kashmir Great Lakes. 

The winners of the September 2015 Photo Contest are below! Congratulations! 🙂


Somain Verma – Roopkund 

A terrific photograph, sometimes is fairly simple. It is an honest composition, without many tricks with the computer. Photographing landscape as rich as the Bedni Bugyal requires special hands to bring out its beauty. Somain does that with his eye for light and colours. Waiting for the clouds to give it the perfect touch of shade, makes Somain’s skills stand out. 


Vishwas Krishnamurthy – Roopkund

Vishwas’s photograph of the Patar Nachauni camp is an unusual angle, with a spectacular play of colours of one of the most photographed spot on the Roopkund trek. It is difficult to find fresh angles of a location that is photographed so often. Not only has Vishwas managed that, he’s also brought out the enormity of the landscape beautifully!


Raghavendra SN – Roopkund

Raghavendra’s dramatic photograph of the horse on the meadows is terrific. The evening light, the dramatic sky and the horse peering directly into the camera is a rare touch. It is not an easy photograph to take. Not only is it a dramatic photograph, it also gives readers a peek into the lovely meadows of Roopkund.

Other notable photographs:

1. Abhijit – Deoriatal

2. Dr Abhishek Kavlekar – Photograph of the three sheep

3. Abhijeet Rane – The photograph of the monal.


1. Vishwas H K: Roopkund

 2. Abhijit: Deoriatal – Chandrashila


 3. Somain Verma: Roopkund



4. Padmanabha: Kashmir Great Lakes



5. Satyen Dasgupta: Kashmir Great Lakes



6. Ian Chung: Pin Parvati



7. Dr. Abhishek Kavlekar: Kashmir Great Lakes



8. Dr. Abhishek Kavlekar: Kashmir Great Lakes



9. Abhijeet Rane: Roopkund



10. Abhijeet Rane: Roopkund



11. Pradeep Saxena: Deoriatal – Chandrashila


 12. Raghavendra SN: Roopkund




Sandhya UC

Co-Founder & COO

About the author

Sandhya is a founding partner at Indiahikes. Over the past ten years, she has explored and put on the map few of the greatest Himalayan treks in India, including Kashmir Great Lakes and Kedarkantha. She is a TedX Speaker and has been awarded the Women of Worth Award by Outlook Business in 2017.

She believes in sustainable living just as she believes in sustainable trekking.

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