Abhi Study Circle Students Undergo A Transformative Journey on Bhrigu ...

Abhi Study Circle Students Undergo A Transformative Journey on Bhrigu Lake Trek

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By Deeksha Vinod


Abhi Study Circle, an entrance exam tutorial center, recently collaborated with Indiahikes for a Himalayan Expeditioners Program that took students on the Bhrigu Lake Trek.

The Himalayan Expeditioners Program is the most advanced Outdoor Leadership Program we offer for school students. Himalayan Expeditioners is an immersive experience, pushing students out of their comfort zones and building invaluable life skills and leadership skills.

Seventeen 11th and 12th grade students successfully completed this four-day trek. Sahil, the founder of Abhi Study Circle and an enthusiastic trekker, wanted his students to experience the joys of trekking. This is the fourth time Abhi Study Circle has collaborated with Indiahikes, and each trek brings more valuable lessons and personal growth for the students.

Hemanth, a trek leader at Indiahikes, shared his learnings and takeaways from this trek, and here is what he had to say, “I think we all pushed our limits and achieved it together. For the first time, I didn't hear much about the summit experience. Everyone was sharing how the journey to reach the summit was more beautiful than the summit itself. They came with the mindset that it would be a learning experience, and they truly got the same through it. They were all happy after completing the trek and shared a lot of thoughts. They felt that connection with nature and how nature inspired them in imparting teamwork and collaborative leadership skills, survival skills, pushing one’s limits, being optimistic and living in the moment.”

With such positive learnings and takeaways from this experiential learning program, students genuinely felt a transformational shift in their confidence and mindset and wanted to come back for more treks in the future.

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Deeksha Vinod

Content Marketing Intern

About the author

Deeksha is a content marketing intern at Indiahikes. She has been on quite a few high altitude treks with Indiahikes before joining as an intern. 

She is currently studying in Pune and is doing a BBA degree in Communications. 

Born and brought up in a family of trekking enthusiasts and adventure lovers, she has always loved exploring the outdoors. She has been trekking since the age of three and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. She has done many treks in the Western Ghats as well as a few treks in the Himalayas. 

Trekking has had a very positive impact on her mind and body and has  become an integral part of her life. Her love for nature and trekking has shaped her for who she is and has helped her become a grounded, well rounded person. She resonates with Indiahikes’ vision of “everyone must trek”, because she has seen a positive transformative shift it has brought to many of her loved ones. 

Apart from trekking, she loves to play sports, travel, garden and sing.