Talle Valley, a Rare Jungle trek in Arunachal Pradesh

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Talle Valley, a Rare Jungle trek in Arunachal Pradesh

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By Aswati Anand


Arunachal Pradesh is hardly on the trekking map of our country. The wealth this state has to offer has been under wraps for too long!  We opened the Talle Valley trek in this state this January.  It goes through the untouched sub-tropical forests of Arunachal Pradesh all the way to the Talle Campsite.

Our Ground Coordinator Prathima went on the very first batch of the trek. She came back blown away by the dense jungle trails and the rich culture of the Apatani tribe.

Watch this video to understand why Prathima thinks this jungle trail is a must do!

Aswati Anand

About the author

Aswati Anand is a journalist in love with the Himalayas. She is interested in stories of resilience from difficult terrains and sustainable living. When not mooning over the mountains, she can be seen doodling in her sketchbook.

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