Tarsar Marsar Trek with IndiaHikes

Tarsar Marsar Trek with IndiaHikes

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After an incomplete trek in 2019 with IndiaHikes at Dayara Bugyal in Uttrakhand, I had decided to do one more with them in the future. And so mid in 2021, the gigantic mountains called me again. And this time from the Kashmir valley, the Tarsar Marsar Trek with IndiaHikes crew.

Falguni Shah on Tarsar Marsar Trek

My two cents: On treks, set no expectations. Though technically you do, that is to complete and reach the summit. But my 2019 and 2021 experiences changed my trekking perspective. Is it the “place” or “people” or both that make the journey so memorable, I wonder…

Day 1: Mumbai-Srinagar-Pahalgam

We landed in Srinagar. Traveling from west of India from a hot and humid city, looking forward to pleasant weather in the Kashmir valley. Little did we know that 34°C would follow us till Srinagar, we got sunstruck. We all glanced at our backups ‘did I overpack warm clothes’?

We had to reach Pahalgam by evening, so we rushed out of the city at the earliest, grabbing the irresistible north Indian meal(parathas with maa ki daal). The drive on NH44 and NH501 was beautiful. As we crossed the highway, the lush green orchards and blush red apples tempted us to stop to try the apple juice. It was rejuvenating from a long traveling day and changing our taste buds from tadka masala to sweet and tangy.

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