Trek News Jun 18 To Jun 23: Clear Weather On All Treks

Trek News Jun 18 To Jun 23: Clear Weather On All Treks

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By Aditya Shankar


The last week saw pleasant weather conditions on all treks. We call it the perfect time to trek in the Western Himalayas. Around the second and third week of June, the snow on higher altitude treks is just the right amount. At lower altitudes rainfall, combined with melting snow, turns the rivers voluminous. The valley turns into a riot of colours with wild flowers blooming all around. The clear views and a comfortable chill in the air refresh you from tiring city life.

That’s exactly what happened in the week gone by. Before I share with you detailed updates of our currently running treks let me give you a rundown of what to find in this article.

1. Latest photos from our treks.

2. Announcing a new Instagram campaign – Trekkers of Indiahikes.

3. Astounding work by our Green Trails teams on the slopes and at our Bangalore office.

Latest Updates 20-06-2018 10:00:00

Hampta Pass – Occasional Rainfall and crystal clear views

This Himachal Pradesh trek is giving trekkers the time of their lives. With occasional bouts of rainfall, the entire valley turns beautifully green. Add to this the visual imagery of multi-coloured flowers, streams flowing by and mountains towering above. The Shea Goru campsite is one such masterpiece. Scroll down to see latest photos from this trek.

Although the weather has been favourable, trekkers are advised to carry ponchos and warm layers for the night.

The Hampta Pass batch that came down last week were all smiles. They even went to Chandratal. Picture By: Vignesh

A picture postcard from the magnificent Hampta Pass Trek. Picture By: Vignesh

Mountains, streams, morning mist and therein lies your charming Shea Goru campsite on the Hampta Pass Trek. Picture By: Vignesh

Bhrigu Lake – Weather dips as trekkers witness hail and snow

Last week trekkers witnessed hailstones on this trek. The Bhrigu Lake trek, owing to its altitude and other geographical factors, still has a lot of snow cover intact.

The meadows on this trek are beautiful as ever. The lake itself is not frozen but the trails leading up to the lake have good snow. Trekkers heading to this trek can expect similar conditions for another week. Check out these latest photos sent to us by a trekker from last week.

The undulating meadows on the Bhrigu Lake trek. Picture By: Namita Kaith

The final ascent to the lake, as trekkers make way through snowy sections. Picture By: Namita Kaith

Latest Updates 19-06-2018 13:00:00

Roopkund – All trekking groups reach Roopkund lake

The weather conditions at Roopkund are at their very best. The views are clearer than ever and all groups reached the lake successfully. Meanwhile the Green Trails work at Lohajung – the base camp of the trek is on full swing. Last week we revamped the GT Station and segregated tons of waste before sending them to landfills.

A calm, serene evening at the Bedni campsite on Roopkund trek. Picture By: Trek Leader Avijit

Rupin Pass – Slight rainfall and snow on some days

We told you last week how Rupin Pass has turned a shade greener with the onset of Summer. The weather conditions are still the same. There have been few cases of rainfall but that is totally normal at a high-altitude trek. Trekkers are making their way across gurgling waterfalls and colourful flowers of the season. At higher reaches around the Rupin pass and gully, the snow is still intact.

The greener side of the Rupin Pass trek. Picture By: Pavan Kumar

Latest Updates 18-06-2018 13:00:00

Dayara Bugyal – The evergreen trek of Uttarakhand

There’s a reason why we suggest this trek to all trekkers. The views on this trek are beyond comparison. First-time trekkers heading to this trek get hugely rewarded since this is not a tough trek. The weather conditions at this trek have been stable all throughout the season. With the end of June we will say goodbye to this trek and return again post the monsoons.

The Dayara Bugyal campsite. Picture By: Darshana Paul

Another view of the campsite. Picture By: Darshana Paul

In Other News:

1. Instagram Campaign #IHTrekkers: Trekkers of Indiahikes

We have some exciting news! In the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out a social media series titled #IHTrekkers. Each post will feature a trekker we’ve met and learned from, and who’s learned from the mountains in turn. We’re thrilled to bring you the stories of people whose lives have been changed by the thing we all have in common – the spirit of trekking. Here is the first of the series. Watch this space for the rest! Aditi Nair is a 26-year old tax consultant from Bombay. Aditi’s 4-year strong trekking journey was interrupted by a scary fall at Buran Ghati last year. This trek was supposed to be a graduation gift for her brother, who had accompanied her on his first high altitude trek. But after Aditi’s 25 ft fall, they ended up in an ambulance instead and found out she had a collarbone fracture. . Here’s her comeback story: . “I wanted to do another high altitude trek, but I was scared that I’d freeze and just refuse to descend. I knew the first step was to get more fit. When I did Roopkund and Buran Ghati, I would miss out on many of the views because I was tired. So I started running religiously and did local treks in the Sahyadris. . “Kedartal happened because the friends I made at Roopkund encouraged me to go to the Himalayas again. I knew the longer I waited, the more my fear would increase, so I went. At Kedartal, on certain rocky patches, I’d take a single step and memories would come flashing back. It didn’t help that the scenery was very similar to that of Buran Ghati. My guide Saurabh was constantly with me, not to hold my hand, but just to wait and be there for me. It was so reassuring to have that support but still be able to do it myself. I think that now, even the inhibition I had before doing Kedartal is gone.” . Aditi wants to do a solo trek next. And while she’s still figuring out why she treks in the first place, she doesn’t want to let go of the bonds of friendship and family she finds in the mountains anytime soon. Do you have an inspiring trekking story to tell? Drop us a DM! . #himalayas #inspiration #storiesofindia #motivation #mountains #womenwhohike #hiking #familieswhohike #getfit

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2. Green Trails work at our Bangalore office:

The Green Trails team has been doing exemplary work not just in the mountains but also in our office at Bangalore helping us all manage our waste. I will let you witness this through these pictures from our session yesterday.

That’s all from us this week. For any specific trek related update, drop a comment below and we will get in touch with you.

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