Trek Photographer of the Month February 2017 announced!

Trek Photographer of the Month February 2017 announced!

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By Swathi Chatrapathy


February is a month when very few treks are accessible. But the few that are accessible are an absolute treat to the eyes. With snowfall, high winds and surprisingly clear skies (post-snowfall), February usually promises a lot of drama. These photographers who manged to whip their cameras out and capture that drama deserve a round of applause.

Without further ado, here are the winners for the Trek Photographer of the Month of February 2017. Congratulations to all those who participated. Keep trekking!



The first few snowflakes never fail to put a smile on a trekker’s face. But what about when there’s a full fledged snow storm? That’s what these two trekkers in the below picture seem to be experiencing. We love the drama in this photograph. It gives an expedition-like feel to the Brahmatal trek.


2nd Prize

Udaideep Jadli – Brahmatal

It’s hard to believe that the above and below pictures are from the same trek, isn’t it? There’s something spooky about the forests in this picture. Add to that a hint of adventure!


3rd Prize

Saptarshi Dutta – Sandakphu

We love such pictures for their story-telling quality. This pictures gives us a peek into the lives of the local folk on the Sandakphu trail. The picturesque backdrop, the raw foreground, there are several elements in this picture that make it a great one!


Trekkers’ Choice Prize

Pranjal Pangaonkar – Brahmatal

There’s something very soothing about this picture. The calm waters, the still sky, the lone tree. It’s no wonder Lord Brahma chose to meditate here. It looks like a space that would make one deeply reflective.


Prateek Desai – Brahmatal

At a first glance you might confuse this picture to be taken on a trek in Nepal, with big mountains at such close proximity. But when you look longer, you’ll notice the unmistakable contours of Mt Trishul (right) and Mt Nanda Ghunti. What a fabulous shot from Brahmatal! A rare and dramatic capture!


Manas Sharma – Sandakphu

Speaking of big mountains, there are few pictures that capture the magnificence of big mountains. This is one of them. It’s a close-up of the Kanchenjunga face of the Sleeping Buddha (the stomach). Captured during dawn, with wisps of clouds rising off the surface, it’s a breath-taking shot.


Saptarshi Dutta – Sandakphu

This is perhaps one of the most underrated sections on the Sandakphu trek. Captured during the descent from Gorkhey to Ramam. These forests are mostly pine, dense and dark. Our co-founder believes that this is one of the best sections of the trek. Beautifully captured!


Preeti Krishna – Talle Valley

A long shot of the Pange River Camp. This picture captures several elements of the Talle Valley trek – the thick jungles, riverside trails, one of many bridges that you cross on trek, and a little bit of the culture – the small clusters of huts that you come across throughout the trek. It makes for an interesting shot.


Himanshu Kishore – Nag Tibba

Minimalism at its best. The play of light and darkness, the mysterious effect it adds to the hills make this a great shot. Don’t miss the details on the edges of the hills!


Udaideep Jadli – Brahmatal

After a long day’s trek, you know that feeling when you spot your campsite. The last of your energy comes rushing and you run to your tent. A well-composed shot.

Swathi Chatrapathy

Chief Editor

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