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By Nisha Ann Reginald


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The Jannat on Earth – Tarsar Marsar by Rajesh Kalajji

The best of the journeys are the ones that are least planned. This strikes me as the mini bus we are travelling in winds through the snaky and precipitous road inside Aru National park. The drive brings back the memories of the fear I felt when I first journeyed in a recklessly driven and rickety Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam bus along the treacherous, hilly stretches of Uttarakhand. But what breath-taking surroundings!

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Trekking to Deoriatal by Anupa Parkhi

Life is changing, the earth’s heating up and so are the seasons shifting their imminent schedules; courtesy – global warming. Summer seems like the only season that goes on throughout the year. This year’s summer seemed to go on foreverrrrr and made me head to the mountains in the month of November, which is quite unlikely of a Mumbaikar (being not accustomed to winters) like me.

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Goecha La Pass by Ishita 

It had been three years since I had been on a proper trek with dad, and I had promised him that no matter what, I would be joining him this year. So I slogged it out and submitted the first draft of my graduation project to my guide at college and ran off to the hills of Sikkim with dad and his trekking buddies for ten days.

The trek was organised by Indiahikes.

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13 Tips to trek around Maharashtra by Gunjan

Trekking has become popular these days and an increasing number of people are opting for it. There are ample blogs on the Internet to guide you on the trek you desire. Even Himalayan treks are guided with blogs!

But what matters is how well prepared you are for any trek.

My love for trekking has taught me a lot of things which I would like to share with you all. It is strictly for western ghats and Saiyadri mountains in India only. Some points you might have never heard about, while some are very basic but still ignored.

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The Mountains, Uninterrupted – Rupin Pass by Ree

Here I am on my way back home and the last thing I feel is homesick. What just happened? Disoriented, overwhelmed, nostalgic, I can barely contain myself as a multitude of feelings launch at me all at once. I pulled the plug on routine and found myself in the middle of virgin Himalayas. A week back my relentless search for beauty brought me to a piece of nature etched by the gods themselves. The Rupin Pass, tucked away in a far corner of the great Himalayas, a trail along the humble Rupin River through hanging hamlets, gushing waterfalls, endless forests, crisp green meadows, pebbled rivulets, magical valleys, snow bridges and I feel tempted to give the plot away already.

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Life Lessons – A trekking experience in Kashmir by Bhairav Patel

A Himalayan trek was something I always had on my “To-Do” list. The splendor of nature, the stillness in the valleys, the astounding views of night sky, the ardent display of colors during the sunset, the delight of staying in the tents out there in open, etc. had always fascinated me. However, I had not realized that a trek experience can teach us so much about LIFE!

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Why is it fun to do a trek in the Himalayas in Winter by Ashutosh Kumar

General conversation and reaction about trekking in Himalayas:

“Are you mad! Its way too cold, you will freeze to death ! The tents and sleeping bags can’t be enough !!”

“The temperature ranges from -10 degree Celcius to -25 degree Celcius.”

“We are from India. Our body is not used to such low temperatures. An European or a Russian can do it since they are used to this nail biting cold. Its not for us”

“That’s why it’ll be fun :)”

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“Shuddh Desi Unravelling” – Kashmir Great Lakes trek by Kanishka

Ten minutes before take off, I boarded the plane pleading my way through security checks, all in an attempt to meet you. You have always been hyped everywhere. Treks in your gorgeous mountains have been looked upon with a mixed sense of awe and envy for years. But your name also triggers caution in people. They don’t consider you safe. Divinely images of you have been marred by violent gashes from memories of the past.

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Tarsar Marsar trek : Through heaven and back – Sukrit Sodhani

The mere mention of the name is enough to evoke a myriad of emotions in us all. A sense of wonder at the hidden natural treasures, a sense of despair for the things that could be, a sense of wanting to belong.

In my short span of existence, Kashmir is by far the most exquisitely beautiful place that I have ever been lucky enough to step foot in. I do not tread lightly in using these words, Kashmir is truly heaven on Earth.

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Kedarkantha peak trek by Divij Sood

Rising to a not so unimpressive 3810 meters, the Kedarkantha peak is one of the jewels of the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, India. It is what I would think to be a ‘friendly’ peak. Not too high, not too low; not too challenging, not child’s play either. KK gently guides you along her bosom as you trudge through knee deep snow in a bid to summit her. But she is adept at surprising the unsuspecting climber as well.

The ridge to the peak seems easy only from afar. Get closer and you find yourself struggling on a 50 degree slope. But the feeling you get once you reach the top is so amazing that 

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The cursed waters of Tarsar Marsar – Himanshu Arteev 

“Stay away from these waters or face a torrential downpour for the rest of the hike” announces my guide just before we sighted the ridgelines of the mountains. I consciously record my guide’s instruction to my list of things to avoid at high altitude, which also includes gawking ruminatively on chancy boulders while reflecting on life and its meaning. Having had 3 fortunate days in this mercurial Himalayan weather, this was definitely a warning to be taken seriously.

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The Time Stood Still – Tarsar Marsar by Suhani Jain


The time stood still wondering to stop by forever,

conspiring to stay, fighting the sun so clever..

The only constant it was, for that was a game of million frames,

sad as he was bound to pass by, unlike the others..

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Journey to the Serpent’s peak – Nag Tibba by Gaurav Thakur

As they say, once you have trekked in the Himalayas, you keep coming back. Having done Parashar lake earlier, this was the next one on the agenda. Nagtibba or Serpent’s peak at a height of 9900 Feet is the highest peak in the lesser Himalayan range of the Uttarakhand state. It did carry special significance for me,  because the last time, I wanted to do it, the trek was called off because of incessant snowfall.

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Trekking has not been too high on my wish list. All said and done, no shower and loo for 7 days is not very fun. But I have two very dear friends who become starry eyed at the thought of walking through mountains and I do adore them. So, the seven days long, 65 kms hike to the seven alpine lakes of Kashmir happened in July 2014. We went with India Hikes. There is a sense of security going with a group (about 25 people).

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Trek or Treat by Pranita Mehta

It’s that time of the year again when you get an itch in your feet to run somewhere away from your desk. A craving to breath fresh air. I am more of a mountain person when it comes to choosing between them and beaches. It’s mystique and mysterious in its own ways. You are a tiny pixel in this world and yet, can conquer the untamed and the explored.

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Prashar Lake – My first snow trek by Anantha Tejas

This was one of those random treks which just happened thanks to SpiceJet.

One day few of us noticed that SpiceJet was offering pretty good discounts on flight tickets to Delhi. We just booked it during the Republic Day weekend as we would be getting 3 days of holidays together. Apart from Vivek and Aayush (my usual trek partners), Yash decided to join this time.

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Roopkund – Trek to the Frozen Lake by Anantha Tejas

Roopkund Trek is one of the very popular treks among the Greater Himalayan treks in India. After a long search for company and self confidence to do the trek, I finally got to do it this year. Oh boy was it worth it….

We were four from our office (actually 7 who had initially registered with IndiaHikes and by the time the trek date approached we had become 4) and we reached Delhi on 29th May evening.

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My trek to Rupin Pass by Arun Ravishankar

Way back in October or November 2014, I was certain that I was going to go for a high altitude trek in the Himalayas. I just had to see if anybody I knew was interested in joining me and how I would go about planning this trek. That’s when I came across Indiahikes and saw that they have a large spread of choices when it comes to high altitude treks in the Himalayas.

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My first trek – Hampta Pass by Devangini Patel

Trekking is an adventure that once you are into it you cannot get it out of you. You lure more and more of it. It’s even more tempting when its himalayan one. Yes, a lifetime experience, mixed feelings, strenuous but in the end a wonderful experience with.lots of memories.

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Kashmir Great Lakes – Himalayan trek by Ravindra Joisa

Kashmir Great Lakes – one of the most beautiful places in India and on earth. This place is know for the most beautiful landscapes, clear water, snow covered peaks, forests near Sonamarg and Naranag, meadows, razor sharp mountain peaks. I would say that it’s a must place that you need to trek atleast once in your lifetime. If you are new to trekking then this would be the ideal Himalayan trekking that you can start with. 

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How Children Benefit from Trekking

Of all the adventures that one can think of for children, I feel that trekking is the most beneficial one. This experience helps children understand their self, better their interpersonal relationships, develop love and care for nature, and thus, make them better than before they started.

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Roopkund – Not a travelogue, by Neel

I am an ordinary bloke. I do ordinary things. Pay my taxes, eat good food, lie occasionally, tell the truth often and wander about with a chip on my shoulder, mispronounce wander and wonder and rely heavily on spell checks as I type pretentious words to live up to my much profound reputation of being a ‘struggling writer’. I am an ordinary bloke. I disappoint and delight once in a while, embrace my own flaws and move along with a slight nod of disapproval from certain people who call themselves friends under the umbrella of hypocrisy. 

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The traveller in me – Roopkund by Shobit Garg

Nanda Devi was drowned in nostalgia… It had been over a century since her marriage with Lord Shiva. Since then, she had not visited her parental home even for once. She felt lonely, longing to visit her home…

Back home, King Himawat was also worried – the last water source of the kingdom was drying up fast. It rained very little in the past decade. The crops had failed, and fierce winds seemed to tear down the town. It was as if happiness had long left the kingdom…Queen Nainawati went to the Baaman (head priest) and asked for resolution of the misery.

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Dream, dream, dream … All I have to do is dream by Srilakshmi

When you want something badly, the Universe conspires to give it you. Though it looked like pure chance that I made it to the trek, I believe it was my destiny. So it was that I found in July that some colleagues were planning a trek to Roopkund. The plan never took off because of logistics issues in my group. There I was, back to square one, desperately seeking to travel but no clue where to. Then Ritu’s IM came as a heaven-sent. Someone decided to drop out. Would I be interested? Interested?? I grabbed the opportunity! And this is how my first medium-difficult trek materialized. 

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8 tips for first-time trekkers

“Let’s go on a trek to the Himalayas!”, who knew these innocent words of my brother in law in April 2014 would land us in one of the most beautiful places on earth and give us some of the most memorable experiences of our lives a year later!

Last month (May 22, 2015), he and I embarked on our first high-altitude trek in the Himalayas to Rupin Pass – 15250ft above sea level, 60+ Kms over 8 days. It was a very well organized trek by Indiahikes, one of the oldest trekking companies in India.

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My trek to Roopkund by Sougata

Roopkund Trek is one of the top 5 Treks in India. We trekked 48 kms in 6 days and reached a maximum height of 15,750 feet (4,800 mts). We saw snow fall and hails, walked above and through clouds, saw huge green meadows, climbed slippery and steep slopes and finally saw skeletons that are more than 1000 years old. This has been one of the best and most difficult treks I have ever done. Roopkund lake is surrounded with mystery and legend. This is truly an all rounder trek, from forests, meadows to trekking on snow and ice. 

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Goecha La trek: In the shadow of Mt. Kanchenjunga  by Nithin Uliyar

Its summer again!!!! and its time to keep our annual date with the Himalayas. After exploring the central region of these majestic mountains which was followed by exploring the upper reaches  it was time to explore the eastern Himalayas. And going by what was on offer from our previous trek organizer (Indiahikes), only Goechala trek(Sikkim) fit the bill and GOECHALA TREK it was. This was exactly how we shortlisted our trek, no reviews, no difficulty level, no total duration etc was taken into consideration.

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Chadar: Trek on the frozen Zanskar by Srikanth

I guess it all began when I watched an amazing documentary about this very famous trek called Chadar on the National Geographic Channel. Since then I was longing to do it and was in constant discussion with my friends about the same. After a couple of futile inquires over a few years, finally this year we made it happen. I had never experienced the mighty Himalayas in winter and that made it all the more exciting and preparations were in full swing till seven of us boarded our flight on a moon lit evening from Bangalore to Delhi. 

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Rupin Pass with Indiahikes by Prajakta Karthikeyan

It’s been eight days, we walked through villages and we walked in mountains, along the river, in the valleys, through the jungle, crossing rivers and bridges… on the snow … on frozen rivers…

Every moment we experienced thrill and excitement …missed the dear ones… felt so close to the nature…walked on the edge … & yet so close to life… We risked our lives …survived the challenges… made great friends and memories…

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Beside the 2 heavenly lakes, at the feet of the mystic mountain by Sangeeta

The first glimpse of the 2 heaven lakes at the feet of the mystic mountain had knocked me senseless for a while. We were reaching the end of the Kashmir Great Lakes trek and the last few days were eventful as we trudged from lake to lake with nature’s virgin beauty unfolding in a new avatar at every bend. I was excited to say the least since we were getting to spend a day next to the twin lakes ( Gangbal and Nundkol) at the feet of Harmukh Peak was a bonus of sorts.

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The Rupin Pass by Mohit Bagadia

This was my 11th excursion to the Himalayas in the past 5 years, but it wasn’t the same by any means. Firstly, I did not once compare this particular excursion with the others, for example – comparisons with that legendary road trip across Ladakh did not once cross my mind while I was out there. In fact I gaped with awe at the mountains just as Mumtaz’s soul must have gaped at the Taj Mahal for the first instance and until time immemorial. 

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What it’s like to fall in love – Kashmir great lakes by Aditi Kodipady

It’s been six months since I last posted, and I figured I’d pick up the threads from where I last left off – trekking. Less than a week ago, I returned from literally one of the best experiences of my life. The 5th of July was a date I’d been counting down to since January; it was going to be the day I started my trek in Kashmir. The Kashmir Great Lakes trek seemed like an enticing option from the start, with its beautiful meadows, snow capped passes and of course, those terribly captivating, crystal clear lakes that monopolized most of the foreground.

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You, too, should go trekking in the Himalayas by Sara

At this exact date last month, I was waking up, sleeping and spending time in one of the world’s greatest mountain range. I have always dreamed of visiting the Himalayas, and doing a trek there…

I mean what could be any better? Since I was already in India, I decided to dedicate the last couple of weeks before my departure to explore this great mountain range, and backpack North India. I signed up for the Hampta Pass trek.

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Mountain Traipse: Great Lakes, Kashmir by Kavya Guddehithulu

“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.”

It has been a little more than two months since I got back from the trek and I still find myself reminiscing about it. Exulansis would be a better word to describe the feeling.75 odd hours of travel across nine states followed by a week up in the mountains was asurreal adventure which will remain etched in my memory for a long time.

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One life experience that made me mature significantly – Kedarakantha by Sarthak Pranit

I think everyone must have had that one wild idea of doing something thats not fancy, but something that was one’s version of ‘Let it go’.After 21 years of slogging my ass over 10th and 12th boards, JEE entrance and engineering, I really wanted to give myself a break. It was important for me to go astray from the paths of life and career, and give thought to one question “Am I making any sense with whatever I am doing? So I thought ‘Lemme go far! Himalayas sounds good.”

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Oh! The places we’ll go! – Makalidurga trek by Priyanka

I must be the proudest proud mommy around! My son and myself went on a day trek to Makalidurga to the beat the school re-opening blues. Anybody who has read my posts will know how much I love the mountains. I wanted to share some of that love with my son too. I was super excited since my son would be part of something that occupies a huge a place in my heart…but I was also a bit scared that he might not like it at all! You can never tell with kids!

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A Picturesque Route to Tranquility – Har ki Dun by Alok Nanda

“Wake up ! Everybody WAKE UP !!” No, that wasn’t an alarm. That was Dushyant’s wake up call. I slipped out of my sleeping bag and stretched up a little bit. Then I checked my watch and felt amazed at finding even the minute hand and hour hand stretching up at 1800 .Ofcourse the minute hand facing north and the hour hand facing south. I zipped out the camp and found Shravan, the local guide, standing just outside the camp with morning tea. That was the best luxury we had at those 10,000+ feet up there and in those freezing temperature. 

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8 days of awesomeness in the Himalayas – Har Ki Dun 

I had been planning for a trek in the Himalayas for quite a long time. But the idea was far from reality due to scarcity of time and resources. One single opportunity.. i.e. what I was looking for. And I got it this April finally. I registered for the Har Ki Dun trek with Indiahikes team at the eleventh hour and managed to turn it into reality within the stipulated time. The rest is pure bliss. It was a trek of a  lifetime.

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The Accidental Climber – Mt. Kang Yaze by Aloke Surin

It took us some time to realize that we had been outwitted by the owner of the Nezer View Guest House, Leh. We had arrived in the town at 8 pm on 15 June 2001, after a gruelling 13 hour drive from Darcha in our overloaded blue Maruti Gypsy. As we cruised into town in the darkness, driving hesitantly in a place that was new to all of us, a white Gypsy passed us. In a flash, it had made a U turn and was now beside us, driving parallel.

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Entry into Himalayan treks – Har Ki Dun by Somil Bhandari

Himalayas! One of the biggest natural assets of India. Home to nine of the top ten tallest peaks of the world. They are a blessing for India. Its not a surprise that this region hosts the best hiking trails, ranging from easy, to most difficult, to suicidal! So, in April of 2015, when my friend invited me to the Har Ki Dun trek with India Hikes, without thinking, I said Yes!

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The first rays – Sandakphu by Dr. Sharat Kolke

It’s been 2 weeks since I have returned from my trek to Sandakphu /Phalut in Darjeeling district of WB. I can still visualize the spectacle of Kanchenjunga getting lit by the first rays of the rising sun. It simply refuses to fade away in the midst of the hustle, bustle of my beloved Mumbai. And in the cacophony of this city, I can still hear the sound of the wind rustling through my ears as I stand on top of the mountain watching the clouds beneath me getting colored red by the setting sun. The mountains are beckoning again!

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The Kashmir Great Lakes experience by Arun R

Your body aches. The cal

The breathlessness catches up with you. The weight of the backpack seems unbearable. The shoulders ache. The lungs are fatigued. The mind steps up again. “Let’s do this in phases”, it says. “Every fifty steps, you can rest”. The power of the human brain at work!

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In the forest of the night – Kashmir Great Lakes by Kunal Sharma

In the deepest recesses of every Indian is a desire to visit Kashmir, a desire that remains unfulfilled for most of us because of several notions and fears about the valley.

I managed to relive my childhood thrill and landed in Kashmir for an intensive trek. And what a time it was. Before the trek actually started, I roamed around Srinagar, Gulmarg and Pahalgam – all while being severely sick, cold, fever and perhaps reeling under the fact that the low atmospheric pressure was playing with my brain.

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To infinity and beyond – Roopkund by Mukul Mhaskey

Roopkund is a pristine high altitude lake at 4800m. Situated at the base of the massive Trishul Peak this lake has an interesting history and tradition associated with it. Roopkund is located on a popular pilgrimage route and is part of a popular fest held every 12 years called the “Nanda Devi Jat Yatra”.

Several hundreds of skeletons are found here, believed to be from a pilgrimage party which perished here several centuries ago in a single calamity, possibly a hailstorm. This skeletons are seen floating in the lake and surroundings when the snow melts.  

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Why I did it and why I will do it again – Roopkund by Pragalbh Vashishth

The idea of trekking in Himalayas came to me while browsing the Internet 4 years back. The thought of walking through tall trees, meadows, streams, and snowy slopes was captivating. I don’t know what kept me away from it for so long, but when the discussion on this year’s vacation came up, it was only a matter of packing a backpack and getting out there. What I didn’t know back then was that this was going to be challenging, yet one of the most memorable tasks of my life!

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Chronicles of Roopkund by Puneeth N C

This is a personal recollection of the experience of the trekking expedition to Roopkund with Indiahikes, an enterprise that conducts similar expeditions in the Himalayas. The rich experience of going on such a high altitude trek inspired me to document the various details of the trek for the benefit of others who wish to trek to Roopkund and also as a fond recollection of the trek for those who already had an opportunity to be there.

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Roopkund for whoever’s going next by Malvika Jain

The trek to Roopkund lake, snugly hidden among peaks in the deep Himalayas is a fairly tough but do-able one. The Indiahikes team quite rightly considers you fit to attempt Roopkund if you can run 5km in 30 minutes.

I would say that to train for this trek you should also do the treadmill at an incline, and without messing your knee from overkill, improve your stamina by climbing stairs to say the 15th floor of a building.

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Mystery of the skeleton lake – Roopkund by Sai Ganesh

Bill Aitken, the famed Indian travel writer, describes thus in a poetic vein, the high altitude lake of Roopkund. He credits fellow mountaineer Shambu Nath Das, the ‘Sherlock Holmes from Bengal’ with the revelation of the mystery behind the hundreds of human skeletons adorning the bottom of this hidden glacial lake. While most people clung to the theory that these belonged to Military personnel or Tibetan traders, Das did an exhaustive study to prove them wrong through empirical evidence.

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Journey with Ganges – Valley of flowers by Poorna & Brinda

The journey to Valley of Flowers starts is also a “Journey with Ganges” as

A journey that is awe-inspiring and mesmerising. A journey with innumerable “Wow” moments.

This journey from Haridwar to Gobind Ghat – the transit station to Valley of Flowers – was the first leg of our trip to Valley of Flowers in Indian Himalayas. This was the overall plan of the trip.

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Trek to Chandrashila peak by Suresh Chandrashekaran

The trek got off to a totally ‘auspicious’ start for me. Hitherto, I had made it a habit of falling a couple of times while on trek. This time, I managed to do it in the bathroom the night before I was to take the train to Haridwar, which was the first step of the trek.

I walk into the bathroom, turn right and the next thing I know, my feet are in the air, my fundament lands with a thud on the ground and a cracking noise behind me heralds the fact that a bucket has met an untimely demise. 

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My tryst with the divine – Kedarkantha by Priyanka

At the top of the snow covered summit, his breath came out like steam, releasing some of the heat from his body and mind into the cold mountain air. He made a strange, albeit stunning picture. Matted flowing hair, broad shoulders and rippling muscles and those magnetic eyes. The scar in the centre of his forehead seemed almost like a third eye, that which made people fear him, some revere him and some even worship him! It tickled him no end that people would want to worship him. It was from them that he wanted to escape now. mountain.

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You know what they say about the mountains – Kedarkantha by Maneesh Madambath

Every two years, I pack a bag and leave for the mountains up north. For the record I stay in the city of Bombay, a bound together set of islands where no one has time to see the sea, in India. A day’s ride in a train takes you to some of the most pristine havens of pastures, huts and snow.

I have hiked, biked, rafted and slept on these verandas of nature since the past 4 years. My work doesn’t let me the luxury of doing it more often, because I run my own firm. So it is that every two years I go away to answer the call of the mountains, that I feel within me.

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The whitest christmas ever – Kedarkantha by Aditi Kodipady

Exactly a month ago, I set out with my family on our first trek to the Himalayas with a group called Indiahikes, who organize treks like this in different parts of the Himalayas and the Western Ghats.Our trek was a four day long one that started in Sankri, a small village 180 km north of Dehradun, took us up to Kedarkantha peak at 12500 ft and ended in Sankri again.

Sankri is a pretty cold place. The temperature the night we went was -3 degrees C. I’m a tropical animal, so this was pretty tough for me to adapt to. 

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A Himalayan expedition – Kedrakantha by Ashish Gupta

32 people , from different parts of India , came together with just one mission in their mind – to reach the summit of Kedarkantha (A Peak in the Garhwal Range of Himalayas). The journey from Sankri,Uttarakhand to the summit was mesmerizing.

The strenuous trail passing through the woods with tall pine trees , the frozen Juda-Ka-Talab and extreme low temperatures at Kedarkantha Base Camp result in the hypnotizing beauty of the Himalayas at the summit.

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Har Ki Dun – The Indiahikes experience by Dr. Kaustubh Harshey

Old loves die hard. For the last three years I was caught up with professional life, postgraduation, the disadvantages of being flung to the far south in Tamil Nadu hinterland and what not. But I always remembered my last tryst with the Himalayas way back in 2009; of pristine blue skies, fields of snow, the winter chill, the clean air, majestic alpine trees and all the beauty that it possessed.

The yearning to be there once again was further kindled by the approaching culmination of my postgraduate course. 

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Har Ki Dun winter trek by B G Baliga

My first winter trek to Himalayas is one of the best trekking experience of my life. It was my last moment decision to register for Har Ki Dun winter trek with Indiahikes.

I already registered for Prashar Lake trek with IH and flight tickets yet to book for 24th January extended weekend for Delhi from Bangalore. Finally, extended my leaves and booked for Har Ki Dun winter trek. 

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5 truths my first trek reinforced by Komal Shivdasani

Two months ago, I registered for the Hampta Pass trek, much to the dismay of my over-protective mother. My dad on the other hand, was as excited as I was, which is attributable to that ever-growing sense of adventure we share; and what better place to satisfy that feeling than in the Himalayas.

Before I tell you about my adventures, misadventures and what they taught me, let me ask you; What according to you is a trek? Is it, as the dictionary says, “a long arduous journey, especially one made on foot” or is there more to it?

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West Bengal’s crown jewel – Sandakphu by Atreya Nath 

You must have heard (if not then do hear now 😛 ) of the “Toppers of The World” -The Eight Thousanders that have been saving this country from the evil cold winds of the North ! They have largely impacted the woollen sector of our country’s economy.

Even though our Kashmiri Shawls are recognized globally for their quality we dont actually need them much in India !Because of these “Toppers” that I have just mentioned ! The Topper on the Topper’s List is Mt.Everest ! Below him or her(if you’re a feminist :P) stands Mt.Kanchedzonga.

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Journey to the snow clad wilderness – Nag Tibba by Dr. Lakshmi Priya

More often than not, in the quest to discover oneself, it is possible that one gets lost in the incredibility and profoundness of the beauty around that one’s own self is almost entirely forgotten. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I admit that this is what had happened to me at the trek to the famous and incredible Nag Tibba.

Named after the serpeant which is believed to reside in the mountain, the peak is the tallest among all the peaks in the Lesser Himalayan ranges in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. It is an absolute marvel of nature, standing tall, and short just a bit of the magic figure of 10,000 feet.

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Trek on the frozen Zanskar river – Chadar by Srikanth Parthasarthy 

I guess it all began when I watched an amazing documentary about this very famous trek called Chadar on the National Geographic Channel. Since then I was longing to do it and was in constant discussion with my friends about the same. After a couple of futile inquires over a few years, finally this year we made it happen.

It all got finalized within a few hours and we had our tickets booked in no time. I had never experienced the mighty Himalayas in winter and that made it all the more exciting and preparations were in full swing.

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An experience that has taught me the best lessons in life – Chadar – by Ritika Gupta

When sitting at home we think about work, food, partying & shopping. Which company one works for, what car one drives, what brands one endorses, where does one party are the things that we tend to notice the most.

Have you ever had a moment where you noticed a new tree on the road, or a sunny patch in the garden?

This is why exposure to nature from time to time is recommended. It is heart rendering & heartwarming at the same time.

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My Chadar trek experience by Vikas Thwani

I had been to Ladakh for the first time in 2011 summer timeframe. We were there to visit tourist spots like monasteries, Pangong lake, Nubra Valley, and to bike on the highest motorable road in India (the Khardung-La pass). The tranquil atmosphere and the sheer natural beauty had puzzled me and I vowed that I would return to this heaven. Before we move forward, I would like to thank my friend, Santhosh HV for organizing this first Ladakh trip, this one was special!

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Nisha Ann Reginald

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Nisha Ann Reginald is a national level basketball player and has been playing for the last 18 years. She was associated with Indiahikes as a content manager, bringing out stories from the mountains.