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Trekkers Speak

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By Sandhya UC


Here’s what a few of our trekkers have to say about their experience with Indiahikes.

“Our whole group felt like they were at home away from home. We all turned good friends. Also, the trek guide (all-time morale booster) and trek leader (all-time problem solver) made the completion of this trip possible. It was a once in a lifetime experience.” – Sneha Tulsyan, Roopkund, May 2015



“The overall management (following schedules, implementing rules, attention to health and safety, etc.) of the trek was great! Kudos to the trek leader. I must point out specifically that the support from technical team for the final summit trek is praiseworthy.” – Nisarg Desai, Roopkund, June 2015





“Firstly, I would love to thank Indiahikes for arranging such a wonderful trek. I am a beginner in the field of trekking and this was my first high altitude trek. All the arrangements, be it food, travel, stay, everything was great! It couldn’t have been better! One thing is for sure though; I will be a regular trekker from now on and I have become a great fan of Indiahikes. Loved the Roopkund experience completely from my heart. We started for Roopkund at 3:45 am without a trek leader’s whistle and made it Roopkund at 6:18 am. In totality, the experience was just awesome. Just can’t be expressed in words. Kudos to team Indiahikes!” – Prateek Murkute, Roopkund, June 2015 


“Rupin pass is a fabulous trek and a must-do for all trek enthusiasts. From forests to villages, rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, snow-capped mountains, it has everything to offer. While the trek is slightly on the difficult side, the views of the Rupin valley and the Rupin pass more than make up for it. Indiahikes had organised the trek wonderfully, with clean and beautiful camp sites, delicious and nutritious food and an amazing staff. I would especially like to appreciate the work done by our Trek Leader and the two guides. You three simply rocked!” – Kshitij Bindlish, Rupin Pass, May 2015


“Loved the trek very very much. I didn’t think so then, but now, I really think I would come back for another trek with Indiahikes. I will especially remember the rappelling experience at the Upper Waterfall camp! I now miss the snowy mountain caps, the weather, and the food! Have to say, the meals were well-planned, with the constant supply of beverages and the timely meals! It made it so much easier for those of us who were first timers for this kind of altitude. Not to mention, the various activities that helped us acclimatise to the altitude at the higher camps.” – Vasundhara Jayaraman, Rupin Pass, May 2015 


“The itinerary was very well-planned; each day overrides the previous day in terms of hiking on different terrain. It allowed us to witness the awesomeness of the Himalayas. The difficulty level gets double, especially during the last three days of the trek, but it falls way behind compared to the excitement and enthusiasm of the trekkers. Rupin Pass being my first high altitude trek I would say it’s one of the best treks to start your trekking saga with. You must complete this trek at least once in a lifetime.” – Ravi Shinde, Rupin Pass, June 2015



“I loved the stupendous scenery. The varied company. The experience. The guides. One of them was so patient with the tail enders, and his coaxing “chaliye chaliye” made us push ourselves harder. He was the main reason I could climb up to Hampta. Thank you! On the other hand, the organisation was wonderful, right from the website, the phones were picked up always by third ring and on site. I could never have done a Hampta Pass trek by myself. Thank you Indiahikes for making it possible.” – Nirmalkumar Prabhu, Hampta Pass, June 2015



“It had bit of everything – meadows, lakes, waterfalls, ice fields, and a thrilling climb to the mountain pass. It was very close to what a perfect Himalayan trek should be like.” – Shobit Garg, Buran Ghati, June 2015




“I wish to thank the entire team of Indiahikes for a wonderful experience of trekking at Deoriatal – Chandrashila peak from 4th April. I appreciate the online support before the trek and the actual support of trek leader and local guides. They helped make the experience unforgettable. The trek was well-designed and instructions were clear. The microspikes and gaiters provided were very useful in completing the climb to Chandrashila peak successfully. We had rains on all evenings and snow on the evening prior to climbing the peak, but the arrangements made were good in terms of surpassing these unexpected weather conditions.” – Utpala Joshi, Deoria Tal, April 2015


“The trek was awesome. The third day to Hampta pass was challenging because it was raining the whole time, but the trek leaders and their assistants were very encouraging and helpful. After reaching the camp site, we were very impressed by the other staff, who were efficient in setting up the tents. Special thanks to the cook, who cooked different food each day and served them hot! Overall, it was a great trek and all people related to Indiahikes made it memorable. Kudos to the entire team. I would love to take other treks in future with the very friendly and professional team of Indiahikes.” – Rajiv Roy, Hampta Pass, July 2015


“We were able to cross Hampta Pass in bad weather. We were given mountain spikes for better grip on the snow. Visiting Chandratal Lake was a dream come true. Trek Leaders were very friendly and approachable and were always ready to help us. In terms of precaution and safety, proper measures like checking of oxygen levels and RPM readings were taken.” – Jeet Jhaveri, Hampta Pass, July 2015



“I am an untrained, non-active female of 35 years and the Indiahikes team helped me make this trek through without feeling sorry about any of this. It is important to be responsible and tick all those check boxes but I think it takes more than just a regular trekking check list to make sure that someone like me enjoys the trek while struggling to  make through the next step. While I managed to continuously threaten my guide throughout the trek for urging me on, I only feel thankful to him now. Though my school friend got me to the trek by saying, “It’s Just a walk,” without the Indiahikes team I wouldn’t have made it.” – Shubhra Singh, Prashar Lake, August 2015


India Hikes team spoils you on the highest altitudes. With the crew’s contagious smiles and positive energy you feel like conquering the most difficult summits ahead you. The trek leader is no less than a mother to you way from home! Whether it is a small head ache, crossing the river on a wooden plank or walking on boulders, the team is there with you at every reluctant step that you take. The trek was really well planned and time management was remarkable. Looking forward to more treks with you. Trekking redefined by Indiahikes! Please keep the good work on!! – Suhani Jain, Tarsar Marsar, July 2015

Sandhya UC

Co-Founder & COO

About the author

Sandhya is a founding partner at Indiahikes. Over the past ten years, she has explored and put on the map few of the greatest Himalayan treks in India, including Kashmir Great Lakes and Kedarkantha. She is a TedX Speaker and has been awarded the Women of Worth Award by Outlook Business in 2017.

She believes in sustainable living just as she believes in sustainable trekking.

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