Most treks from Manali on hold due to heavy rainfall. All trekkers are safe

Most treks from Manali on hold due to heavy rainfall. All trekkers are safe

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By Latika Payak


Most of our treks from Manali—Beas Kund, Hampta Pass, Chandrakhani Pass, and Miyar Valley—are presently on pause due to heavy rainfall. Only trekkers on the Bhrigu Lake trek have started moving as the weather is clearing up.

Slope Manager Abhishek Kumar shares further updates from Himachal, “Teams of the Hampta Pass, Chandrakhani Pass and Beas Kund treks are staying put at their respective campsites. It has started snowing on the Shea Goru campsite of Hampta Pass trek,” Abhishek shared today morning.

Here is a trek-wise update of the teams:

Beas Kund

Aug 11: Team is on hold on the trek. They will start descending as soon as the rain subsides.

Hampta Pass

Aug 10: Team is stationed at Sheagoru

Aug 11: Team is at Balu ka Ghera

Aug 12: Team is on hold at the Jwara campsite.

Aug 13: Team is at Jobra campsite

Aug 14: Team has not yet started on the trek

Bhrigu Lake

Aug 11: Descending from Bhrigu Lake

Aug 12: Started trekking towards Bhrigu Lake

Aug 13: Moving towards Jonker Thatch.

Chandrakhani Pass

Aug 12: Team is on hold at Naya Tapru campsite.

Aug 13 (Adventure Therapy group): Team is on hold at the Indiahikes Campus in Manali.

Miyar Valley

Aug 10: Not experiencing heavy rain. The team is on schedule at Palpu.

Pin Bhaba Pass

Aug 11: Team is taking a buffer day at Karah

Certain mobile networks are getting disrupted due to the heavy rains. But we are constantly in touch with all our teams on the treks. All trekkers are safe. We will keep publishing the latest updates from the treks right here.

Latika Payak

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