3112kg Waste Collected & Segregated Since Jan 2018: Green Trails U...

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3112kg Waste Collected & Segregated Since Jan 2018: Green Trails Updates, Lohajung

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By Neha Satheesan


Welcome to our Green Trails Station at Lohajung!

This station is a work space for our Green Trails team members.

We reuse and upcycle the waste we collect on the trails and from the villages.

Trekkers and villagers join us to participate and learn the work we do.

The upcycled products become a part of our exhibition, when trekkers visit our base camp.

Take a sneak peek below:

Let’s give you a closer look. Come inside and see our recycled products, ranging from pillows to bottle brick stools.

Our Green Trails interns and fellows have worked tirelessly in making the tent. And while I tell you about their work, let me show you the posters they have been designing. These posters help them in spreading the message to local villagers and school children.

Every month, 5 houses per village are adopted by our Green Trails team to lead them towards zero waste.

But the posters are not all. We also show them videos on different environmental topics. Classes on types of waste and upcycled bottle bricks were conducted at each school.

Children learn about the harmful effects of waste in the mountains

Seen below are a group of children watching one such video. Through our experience, we have learnt that visual content works the best in spreading the message.

Apart from children, women serve as great carriers of information in their family. Often we come across women in the mountains who are willing to work hard and do their bit for the environment. They are the most  active participants in our clean-up campaigns and upcycling sessions.

Upcycling session leads to 52 upcycled pillows at Mundoli

Last Saturday, we conducted one such upcycling session at Mundoli village. The local women decided to drape a saree for our Spanish Green Trails fellow Laura. She says she does not miss Spain so much. Villagers warmly welcomed her and made her feel at home.

How much waste have Indiahikes trekkers collected and segregated so far this year?

Before I end the updates, I want to leave you with few numbers. These statistics go on to show the amount of hard work and dedication our teams put in to keep the mountains clean and green.

Our local staff together with our Trek Leaders and Green Trails Team segregated 30 kilograms of waste on a Sunday morning. The 20 sacks you see in the photo are hard plastic, soft plastic, paper, metal, cloth, plastic bottles and organic waste – all segregated and ready to be reused and upcycled.

We’re doing our part. Are you doing yours?

Let us know if you have a green idea which we could employ in the mountains. We would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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Neha Satheesan

Head of Green Trails & Video Content

About the author

Neha Satheesan is the Green Trails Manager. A Master in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, she works with trekkers and local communities to make trekking an environment-friendly sport. Passionate about community-led initiatives, she believes in empowering people to become agents of change. When not busy saving the environment, she likes to explore cities, doodle and bring up baby plants.

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