Behind The Scenes: What Is It Like To Be A Travel Writer At Indiahikes

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Behind The Scenes: What Is It Like To Be A Travel Writer At Indiahikes

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By Karishma Jayapaul


Over a decade ago, the Indiahikes website was born (unofficially) as a small blog about the Roopkund trek. Our founder, Arjun Majumdar realised that there was only one roadblock to making trekking a widespread sport in India. It was the lack of information. So he stitched together a detailed blogpost about the Roopkund trek, full with information about landmarks, water sources, guides, transport folk, routes and more.

Our website has come a long way ever since. But the motto remains the same till date. To bring out information and news about trekking in India.

In this episode of Trek Talks with Vishnu Benne, our host Vishnu interviews the Editor of Indiahikes, Swathi Chatrapathy on what a travel writer’s role is at Indiahikes.

Listen to this podcast to know what it really is like to be a travel writer at Indiahikes.

Swathi joined Indiahikes as a content writer but soon dabbled into the world of videography with her brainchild Trek With Swathi. All those videos you watch while you pack your backpack or when you want to choose a trek are borne out of a vision to simplify information and present it to an audience that has no clue about the world of trekking.

Swathi also busts the myth about travel writing being a glamourous life lived mostly travelling. “A travel writer’s job is 90 per cent research and 10 per cent travelling which I enjoy and I think every travel writer should enjoy it,” she says.

Here she speaks about how the Indiahikes website stands out because we aren’t just telling you how beautiful a trek is but we also give you all the information you need to be able to trek on your own. This is the core of Indiahikes’ vision.

Stay tuned for more such sound bytes on what happens at Indiahikes and much more in the world of trekking. 

Karishma Jayapaul

About the author

Karishma Jayapaul was an assistant content manager at Indiahikes. A journalist by profession, she loves to write about real life experiences. Her love for fitness and writing made her join the Indiahikes content team. Baking is her first love, while in her free time she plays the piano.

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