Finding serenity in the wilderness of Rupin Pass

Finding serenity in the wilderness of Rupin Pass

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By Anand Parikh


There is something about the ambiance of the Himalayas that turns you philosophical. Rupin Pass was Anand’s first Himalayan trek. He couldn’t resist the overwhelming tranquility that the trek brought. Here in this blog he expresses emotions and thoughts rather than mere events. It’s a wonderful read. Take a look here!

The gorgeous valley shielded by the immensity of the surrounding mountains seemed to have a nearly impalpable vibe of eeriness. The soft murmurs of her dark secrets, seemed to be tucked away in her conspicuous beauty, hushed by the silence of the expanse. Click here to read more.

Anand Parikh

About the author

Anand likes to call himself an explorer. He enjoys traveling, swimming, running, sports, cooking and photography. His current interests are horse-riding and trekking. During his time at IIT-Madras, he was a member of the Madras Sharks aquatics team, where he discovered his favorite sport, water-polo. Anand currently develops innovative and novel medical devices at his Ahmedabad based start-up.