Winners Announced For Trek Photographer Of The Month September 2017

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Winners Announced For Trek Photographer Of The Month September 2017

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By Karishma Jayapaul


This month’s photo contest is special because it has been judged by our founder, Arjun Majumdar. “It was a tough call. We have a lot of great entries this month,” he says.

Each photo that has been selected has been appreciated for the thought and effort put into getting that perfect shot.

With over 500+ photo entries this month we truly had a ball going through all the different treks and views.

Here are the winners for the Trek Photographer of the Month September 2017.

Our judge has picked out the top three winners. But in addition to that, we have a Trekkers’ Choice Prize!

Trek Photographer of the Month 

Monica Gahlout – Hampta Pass 

Capturing the interaction of the sunset with the surrounding makes this photo stand out. Arjun points out how the mules being in the front with the tents behind makes the viewer immerse themselves in the world of trekking. “She has got the lighting right. You want to be there just by looking at the photograph!”

First Runner up

Ashish Bhatt – Pin Bhaba 

This is another excellent composition. Did you notice how the trekker is standing right in the middle of the river. Arjun says, “This means the trekker waited for this exact moment when everything was in perfect alignment.” Not to mention, the two colours of the same river stand out beautifully!

Second Runner Up 

 Harsha Madalam – Roopkund 

This photo, as Arjun says, captures life on the mountains in its fullness. The vibrancy of the landscape is something that has been captured really well in this shot!

Trekker’s Choice Award

Barsha Sengupta – Roopkund 

Using the temple as the foreground gives this photo an interesting twist. The lovely alpenglow on the mountains is the cherry on top. Arjun says, “This is definitely an excellent composition.”


Sandeep – Bhrigu Lake 

The trekkers seem to be standing on a sea of clouds. Arjun says, “The fact that the trekkers are aware and experiencing this enthralling experience makes this a great shot.” The composition is bang on!

Ashish Bhatt – Pin Bhaba

This is another stunning composition. Even though it is a midday photo it makes for a great shot. The lighting during the day doesn’t usually compliment good photography. Arjun says, “The rarity of a midday photo being good makes this one worth the appreciation.”

Deeksha Ketarki – Roopkund 

It is funny how nobody except one of the trekkers has noticed the towering rainbow covering the entire expanse of the Bedni Bugyal. Arjun says, “A classic case of being at the right place at the right time. A sole witness to the miracle.”

Vishal Sinha – Har Ki Dun 

A fantastic photograph! Two trekkers in the mountains, an endless trail ahead and a riot of colours. Arjun says, “This could easily pass as an advertisement for trekking in the Himalayas.”

Ishita Saha – Hampta Pass

This one is a terrific composition of a lone biker in a spectacular setting. Arjun says, “The photographer has captured the isolation and the feeling it evokes towards the idea of solo biking.”

Zohaib Bagdadi – Gaumukh Tapovan 

Capturing blue sheep takes a lot of patience. A blue sheep is a fast-moving animal and capturing a photograph with the animal facing the camera is surely a win. Arjun says, “It shows how patient the trekker must have been with the animal just to get this one shot.”

Dipan Talukdar – Roopkund 

Capturing sunrise at Chaukhamba so clear and sharp in spite of the distance from the subject is quite difficult.Many of you may know the distance at which you see Chaukhamba from Bedni. Arjun says he would frame this photo and hang it in his office for the crispness of the composition.

Meenakshi Gautam – Kedartal 

The symmetrical reflection of the mountains on the Kedartal is nothing short of extraordinary. Arjun says, “This trekker has gotten the shot at the right time. This is an early morning shot which is when the waters are still.” Oh, and the freshly fallen snow on the peaks just adds to the drama.


Which one is your favourite shot? Vote for it below!

  • 2. Guhanesan Sivalingam - Brahmatal (23%, 870 Votes)
  • 12. Ramshesha N - Kuari pass (20%, 771 Votes)
  • 10. Darshil Shah- Dayara Bugyal (18%, 702 Votes)
  • 6. Faizan Shaikh - Kedarkantha (16%, 595 Votes)
  • 7. Krutanjali Deore - Brahmatal (5%, 202 Votes)
  • 5. Ramshesha N- Kuari pass (5%, 190 Votes)
  • 11. Vasudev Sharma - Brahmatal (5%, 185 Votes)
  • 4. Abhra Sengupta - Deoriatal Chandrashila (2%, 87 Votes)
  • 3. Sumit Dutta - Sandakphu Phalut (2%, 83 Votes)
  • 1. Chermanna Achappa - Kuari pass (2%, 81 Votes)
  • 8. Chermanna Achappa - Kuari pass (1%, 20 Votes)
  • 9. Krutanjali Deore - Brahmatal (0%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,801

The poll closes on 2nd November 2017 at midnight. 

Karishma Jayapaul

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