Winners of October 2016 Photo Contest announced!

Winners of October 2016 Photo Contest announced!

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By Divas Mishra


For this month’s photo contest we have 3 winners chosen by our judge Divas Mishra and a special “Trekkers’ Choice Prize” chosen by you!

Congratulations to all the great photographers! Keep trekking and keep inspiring us with lovely pictures!



Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Ri

After starting your journey from Lukla, Ama Dablam is the first major peak of the Khumbu Region that you see. What a grand first sight to begin with! Also known as the Matterhorn of the Himalayas (but 10,000 feet higher), it is the peak that Sir Edmund Hillary termed as “unclimbable” when he first saw it. Ama Dablam, meaning “Grandmother’s Necklace”, is one of the most beautiful peaks in the world. And this photo does justice to her beauty in several ways. Perfect framing, and a worthy winner.


2nd Prize

K Subramanian- Rupin Pass

In the beauty of the surrounding mountains, people often tend to forget the people of the hills, who are equally fascinating. Their resilience, simplicity and honesty are second to none. And this shot tells us so much about them. Nicely done!


3rd Prize

Souvik Patra – Roopkund

When I spoke about brilliant colors, this is what I meant. The blues of the sky, the amber colored grass, and as if to complete the picture – two mountain dogs. Brilliant Stuff!


Trekkers’ Choice Prize

Prateek Goyal – Deoriatal Chandrashila

With 282 votes, this is magnificent photo has been chosen for the Trekkers Choice Prize. It is clear why Nanda Devi is considered a Goddess, and the low rays of the sun bring out the best time to get such a near perfect silhouette. Brilliant Job!



Abhay Beedu – Goechala

To anyone familiar with mountain lore, Pandim is a mystical element of the Kanchenjunga Himalayas. The peak, which forms the feet of the Sleeping Buddha, has never been climbed. It has an almost vertical wall to its south. A close-up of its upper reaches is a rare picture, and that serac in the middle of its slope shows just how difficult it is to climb it. Amazing detail!


Gautam Pardake – Deoriatal Chandrashila

While toiling our way upwards, we usually anticipate the view beyond, and sometimes forget about the beauty that we have left behind in the lower reaches of the Shivaliks. The colors in this picture are just splendid, and you could gaze at this for hours.


Aditya Dogra – Goechala


Somaditya Ghosh – Goechala

This picture speaks volumes. If my memory serves me right, this picture is taken somewhere between Phedang and Thansing, and it brings back fond memories. Thank You!


Kartik Chandramouli – Goechala

This scene is all too familiar! People who have done Goechala will know what an accomplishment it is to get to View Point 2. And the gentleman here has every right to be as exhausted as he looks. With the sharp spire of Kanghenjunga South in the background, this is such a complete picture!


Shridhara S – Har Ki Dun

This is a wonderful frame throwing everything into scale. The colors on every bit of the picture compliment each other. One would want the other house to come into view as well, but a brilliant shot nonetheless!


Anjali Gupta – Roopkund

People often tend to overlook Ali Bugyal, and fixate themsleves on Bedni and its lake, which reflects Trisul and Nanda Ghunti perfectly. This shot disproves that. You can see every layer of the Himalayas here – The forests, the green grasslands, the brown upper reaches, and the everlasting snows. An explosion of color!


Harry John – Roopkund


Subhronil Sen – Roopkund

Junargali is the stuff of dreams! And this picture shows us why. The framing is near perfect, with Nanda Ghunti and the Ronti Saddle dominating the background, and a lone still figure up front. You can also see a hint of the Western Garhwal Mountains far away. Brilliant!


Anirban Sengupta – Rupin Pass

Another one for the people of the mountains. The shy inquisitiveness of the mountain folk is so endearing, and this picture captures it perfectly. Thank you for this!

Divas Mishra

About the author

Divas Mishra is a software analyst by profession, he is passionate about the mountains, and loves documenting his journeys through text and photographs. You can take a look at his travel blog<a href=""> "The Wayfarer Chronicles" </a> where he writes about his voyages.