Why Work at Indiahikes

Why Work at Indiahikes

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By Arjun Majumdar


At Indiahikes we do not employ a lot of people. Which means you are part of a small, committed team. Your contribution means a lot. What you do directly affects the future of Indiahikes. You can see this everyday at work.

At Indiahikes there isn’t any red-tape to go through. We really do not have time for that. If you want to solve a problem or implement new ideas then you’ll probably do it without approval or after a quick talk with your colleagues.

Benefits of Working at Indiahikes

We are committed to changing the way trekking is done in our country. That’s probably one of the benefits of working at Indiahikes. You get an opportunity to be part of this change. You develop new skills that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. You learn skills that are cross transferable. If a day comes when you have to leave Indiahikes you have gained skills and experience that are marketable.

You also get to see the organisation in its entirety. You are usually part of things from the idea to outcome stage. As a result you are able to define and grow your own responsibilities.

Wearing Multiple Hats

The work volume is high. Our resources are limited. It comes down to wearing multiple hats at the same time. It is not surprising to see the ground coordinating team at Indiahikes involved in the nitty-gritty of trek operations. Or working with the content team on how the website functions. You cannot hide behind a job title. At Indiahikes everyone is involved with everything.

Work timing is sketchy at best. This generally comes from the responsibility that you take. Not everyone visualises work this way. Most people expect work to be given to them with fixed timelines. It doesn’t work that way with us. Working by the clock indicates someone who values time over responsibility — this cripples growth.

Work Culture at Indiahikes

This does not mean folks at Indiahikes do not follow their personal interests. At Indiahikes the common bond is trekking. We love to trek! Going off on weekend treks is common. So is doing Himalayan treks. As staff you get opportunities to visit the Himalayas multiple times. Outside that most have hobbies that they pursue. Some are trained dancers, others singers. Being a black belt in a martial art seems to be common at Indiahikes! Most are very sporty by nature. So we have swimmers, gym enthusiasts, athletes in our organisation. Indiahikes is a very fit office too. It is not unsual to find a group of colleagues go on a 10 km run with each other. Or to come to office by cycle.

Growth at Indiahikes

Growth at Indiahikes is surprisingly easy. What you do is easily seen. Your involvement and ability to take things forward can be felt by everyone — usually within days of joining. This growth comes with added responsibility though. Within months of starting you could be managing multiple roles.

In short, working at Indiahikes gives you scope to do interesting and innovative work. The level of responsibility is high. This grows your competencies. You are also part of an organisation that is a market leader. As a market leader your work defines the future of trekking in India. The skills learnt in this process are enormous. Not only are the skills applicable globally, Indiahikes employees are also eagerly sought after by others.

There are unlimited treks to do as well — which on their own are high learning experiences. What it requires from you is a mindset that is focused on problem solving and driving things forward.

With this background we would welcome you to apply for a position at Indiahikes here.

Arjun Majumdar

Founder, CEO, Indiahikes

About the author

An entrepreneur by profession and a trekker by passion, Arjun started Indiahikes in 2008 with a vision to explore and document new trekking trails. He wanted to solve problems in the mountains and implement sustainable ways of trekking. His biggest dream was and still is that Everyone Must Trek, because Trekking Transforms Lives. Today, Indiahikes takes over 20,000 trekkers in the Himalayas every year and has changed the face of trekking in India.

Arjun is deeply respected for his expertise on trekking trails and entrepreneurship. He has written extensively for Discover India magazine and is a TedX speaker. He frequently talks at institutions about his journey, but his favourite topic is always the impact of trekking on the human mind, body and spirit.

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