Brahmatal vs Dayara Bugyal: Which Is A Better Snow Trek?

In this week’s episode of Trek Talks with Vishnu Benne our host Vishnu has a very special guest on the show. Indiahikes founder, Arjun Majumdar tells us what makes both, the Brahmatal and Dayara Bugyal treks outstanding peak winter treks when pitted against each other. 

Most people don’t know this, but January and February are peak winter months in the Himalayas. December just marks the beginning of winter with the first winter snow coming in. That’s when most treks that reach the 12,000 ft mark are accessible. But as weeks pass by more and more snow accumulates on the slopes, leaving most trails blocked. 

It’s during this peak winter season that two gems of treks, Brahmatal and Dayara Bugyal, are still accessible to trekkers.

Indiahikes was the first to bring Brahmatal as a winter trek to the forefront of the trekking world, among other treks like Kedarkantha. To give you a backgrounder, we opened Kedarkantha as a winter trek in 2011. Today, it is popular enough to have nearly 700 trekkers trekking there with us in the winter season alone. It took six years for Kedarkantha to reach this level of popularity.

But Brahmatal is a trek that Indiahikes opened only two years ago. To give you some numbers, there are already 500 trekkers going to Brahmatal season.

The question is what makes Brahmatal suddenly so popular?

Listen to this podcast to gain some insight into this topic. Vishnu and Arjun have an insightful conversation about these two treks.

Both these treks are fairly new treks. In fact, Indiahikes is running the Dayara Bugyal as a winter trek for the first time.

The two frozen lakes and the tales about the beautiful forests towards the trail are just a few of the many reasons why Brahmatal is becoming the next Kedarkantha. But like Arjun says, Brahmatal’s landscape beauty speaks for itself. You don’t have to do much except chance upon a photograph from the trek to want to go on the trek.

When we talk about Dayara Bugyal, we’re talking about vast meadows covered with powdery snow. Now imagine this winter setting surrounded with mixed forests of maple, oak, pine and rhododendrons. All this with big mountains like Bandarpoonch and Srikanth right in front of you. It’s a pity there are no winter pictures from Dayara Bugyal yet!

But if you had to pick one, which one would it be? Listen to the podcast and drop in your comment!

Stay tuned to our weekly podcast for more information on high altitude trekking.

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22 thoughts on “Brahmatal vs Dayara Bugyal: Which Is A Better Snow Trek?

  1. Hi – We are four people (1-2 of us are beginners). Which is the best winter trek for Last week of January for us? Our preference is snow trekking. Kedarkantha or Dayara Bugyal or Brahma Tal? If this is a factor, which trek has minimal risk of being closed. Can you please email the suggestions to [email protected]?

  2. Want to do a snow trek this December to Dayara Bughyal. Can you suggest if this is a right choice, and the dates on which we can see snow. Am available the whole of December till Jan 6


    1. Hi Ajay,
      You will get snow for sure on the Dayara Bugyal trek in late December/early Jan. In fact, it has already started snowing at the summit and higher camps of our Kedarkantha, Chandrashila-Deoriatal and Hari ki Dun treks which are at a similar altitude as Dayara Bugyal, so don’t think twice!

  3. Hi Team,
    Couple of us would like to do a winter trek in the month of Jan/Feb. Do you think for fit but relatively novice trekkers like us, would Brahmatal Trek be a right option to begin with ?
    If not, what are our alternative options that you would recommend.
    Thanks !

  4. I would like to know which trek will be good in March “Dayara Bugyal or Kuari Pass. we are 3 group with 1 beginner.
    please suggest.

    1. Hi Sai,
      Dayara Bugyal will be a good trek in March. There are rhododendron forests on this trek – in March, the forest trails will be beautiful when the flowers bloom.

  5. HELLO WE ARE SIX PEOPLE FOUR OF US AREA BEGINNERS . Which is the best trek for us in march first week ? Our preference is snow trekking.
    Kedarkantha or Dayara Bugyal or BrahmaTal
    Pls Suggest and mail me at [email protected]

  6. Hi All,

    Couple of us are planning for Winter trek during April 1st week ( 1st-6th April).
    I’m confused with the options like Brahmatal, Kedarkantha and Kauri Pass.

    We are looking for combination of snow-beautiful forest trek and good summit views.
    Could you please suggest which one would be suitable for us.
    Note that this would be our first winter trek 🙂

    Thanks in Advance!!!

    1. Hi Swaroop,
      All the three are great winter treks. I’d recommend you go tp Brahmatal. It has great summit views and beautiful forest trails. In the first week of April, rhododendrons will be in full bloom, adding a lot of colour to the forests here.

  7. Hi, we are six people planning for Dayara Bugyal trekk in January end. Will there be a snow? What will be the temperature around that time? And will it be suitable for beginners?
    Please reply me back in my email id.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Ankit, the Dayara Bugyal trek is a very good trek for first timers. In winter, it gets a little tougher because of the presence of snow and temperatures as low as -10 degrees. But if you have your five warm layers, you should be able to do the trek comfortably. And yes, January is peak winter, so there will be snow. 🙂

  8. Hi team,

    Planning to do a trek between last week of November and 1st week of December. Can you suggest which one among the below 3?
    1. Brahmatal
    2. Dayara Bugyal
    3. Sandakphu

    Which of these will have a lot of snow in this period? Any other criteria why one is better than the other?


    1. Hi Kranthi, you’ve chosen fantastic treks for November. But there won’t be snow in November on any of our treks. It starts snowing at this altitude only by December end. If you are very particular about snow, then go in December / Jan or Feb. Even March will have snow.
      But if you are keen on trekking in November and are alright without snow, then Brahmatal and Sandakphu are both great treks to do! 🙂

      You can go through this article about when exactly to find snow and on which treks -

  9. Brahmatal trek : During March 1st week whether there will be enough snow, the Brahmatal lake will be frozen during this time or not ?
    Also if in-case there is no fresh snowfall in March first week, will the path to Brahmatal becomes slippery?
    I’m still confuse between Kedarkantha and Brahmatal, which one will be best in March first week ?
    From the above two which one is less crowded ?

  10. Hey guys,
    I wanted to go on a trek alone. I have not been on any treks before but I am decently fit. I have experience hiking through mountain jungles. Since I am hiking alone in December, could you let me know if it enjoyable and which trek I should choose?

    1. Hi Ayush, that’s a great thought! Please write a mail to our Do-It-Yourself trek expert, [email protected]. Mention the area/state you would like to treks in, and the number of days you have in hand, so he can suggest some great solo treks for you 🙂

  11. Hello, I want to take Dayara Bugyal trek in December end but I am bit apprehensive about the trekking in snow part. Is it dangerous for people who are not used to snow?

    1. Absolutely not. 🙂 Most trekkers experience snow for the first time on their Himalayan treks and absolutely love it. Just make sure you carry all the required warm layers (5 minimum layers in winter) and you’ll be fine. Dayara is a great choice too. Go ahead with it. 🙂