Brahmatal Winter Trek – A photo story

Brahmatal Trek: A snow-laden paradise in winter

In winter, when snow falls on the upper reaches of Uttarakhand, the remote lake of Brahmatal turns into paradise. Surrounding the lake, which incidentally is frozen,  are the mighty Himalayan ranges. Summits that rise above 7,000 meters are common. No where else in our country can you see these big mountains so close-a fact trekkers should take advantage of. 

Day 1: Drive from Kathgodam to Lohajung . 10 hours via Almora, Kausani and Gwaldom
The drive from the foothills of the Himalayas to the basecamp Lohajung is in itself a nice prelude to the trek. With its green cover ,rivers flowing by, Deodar forests and mountain panorama, it is worth every moment of it.

DSC_0016 (1024 x 402)

Day 2: Trek from Lohajung to Bekaltal. 4-5 hours
The well laid stone trail, passes through rhododendron trees ( in full bloom during February and March) and enters oak forest to get to Bekaltal. Bekaltal, hemmed in by the oak trees, is a sight to behold during winter when it is frozen over. 

DSC_0079 (1024 x 678)DSC_0104 (1024 x 678) DSC_0263 (1024 x 678)

Day 3: Bekaltal to Brahmatal

day 3 (2) day 3

Day 4: Brahmatal  to the summit and back to Brahmatal

While ascending, look out for the magnificent Himalayan ranges on your right, especially Mt. Trishul, which is very close to you along with Nandaghunti. If the weather is being kind, you will have a magnificent view of the complete Himalayan range from this trail.
day 4 day4-1 
Day 5: From Brahmatal to Lohajung

This trail takes you back to civilisation. The settlements you’ll see have few crops (mostly potatoes) which villagers grow for few months. You’ll find the familiar man-made stone trail, which will lead you back to Lohajung.

DSC_0476 (1024 x 678) DSC_0048 (1024 x 678)

Day 6: From Lohajung to Kathgodam1


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70 thoughts on “Brahmatal Winter Trek – A photo story

    1. Hi Nirmal,

      For first-timers, we recommend Deoriatal – Chandrashila Peak Trek, Kuari Pass, Nag Tibba, Prashar Lake and Kedarkantha. Each trek has its own fitness requirements. Please review the individual trek documentation to know details. Happy trekking!

          1. Sir,
            We are a group of college students wishing to trek at an affordable price ,willing to take public transports .can u suggest us some treks under 5-7k.

          2. Hello Animesh
            You can go for one of our weekend treks to Nag Tibba or Prashar Lake. Something like Bhrigu lake would be easy on the pocket too 🙂

    1. Hi Mohit, Jan-March is a good time. 🙂 Jan and Feb it will be a snow trek. March will have rhododendrons blooming across the lower trail!

  1. Hi,

    I am interested in Trekking but none of my friends interested to do. So, Can we register for any trek as Solo ?

    Tushar Singhal

  2. Saibal
    I am an asthmatic also. Since asthma is an allergic reaction to specific allergens, it is generally not a problem in zero pollution areas, which the hills are. Just ensure your asthma is not aggravated by cold. I have been fine with inhalers on my treks.
    If you are into sports you will already have strong lungs. All the best
    As a disclaimer…. do check with your doctor!

  3. we are planning Brahmatal Winter Trek in the last week of Dec 2017. Could you kindly advise if that is a good time, and would there be snow? We have never trekked on snow, but have done mount Kinabalu (Malaysia). Would this trek of moderate difficulty as stated be ok for first time snow trekkers?

    1. Hello Sharad
      December is a good time and you surely will find snow at this time. Snowfall occurs at higher reaches of the trek in December. You will find snow around Bekaltal and Brahmatal.

      This can very well be done by first time trekkers. But since this is a winter trek, you will find snow in abundance which also makes it difficult to trek. So being fit is a must. Hope this helped 🙂

  4. We are planning to go for the Brahmatal Trek in the 23rd December batch,

    just wanted to know, if we would get a full blanket to snow at that time.

    1. Hello Sai, snowfall would have just begun in the month of December. You will find good amount of snow around Bekaltal and Brahmatal. But not likely to be a full blanket of snow.

    1. It is different in the amount of snow you will find on the trek. You will find a lot of snow on the Brahmatal trek in January. If you’re lucky, you might witness snow fall at the base camp, Lohajung. The snow gets deeper as you go higher up. There’ll be places where you will be trekking in knee deep snow. It is the same in February. Whereas, in December it only begins to snow and you will find snow only in the higher reaches of the trek like around Bekaltal and Brahmatal.

        1. If you are specifically looking for snow then I suggest you trek in January. Although it should be snowing by the last week of December.

          1. thanks for the reply !!! our group mostly consist of corporate guys we get holiday only during December, we have done Kedharkant \ Kauri pass in December last week . so we are planing this one so this would be as amazing as kedharkant and Kauri on amount of snow fall what is your suggestion or do you have any other snow trek which will have snow during last week of December please suggest

  5. Hi, we are first time trekkers planning to do the Brahmatal Trek. When should we book for jan 28,2018 batch? How many people per batch will be there during the trek?

    1. We will be taking a maximum of 25 trekkers in each batch. The batch for 28th January is open. You can register whenever you want. I would suggest you register at the earliest if you are sure about your trek.

    1. Hi Lohith, we cannot predict snowfall in the mountains but it usually begins to snow in the last week of December. Since this is a winter trek December, January, February and March are all great months to do this trek. If you are specific about trekking in snow then I suggest you trek in the month of January.

      1. Thanks for the reply !!! our group mostly consist of corporate guys we get holiday only during December, we have done Kedharkant \ Kauri pass in December last week . So we are planing this one so this would be as amazing as kedharkant and Kauri on amount of snow fall. What is your suggestion or do you have any other snow trek which will have snow during last week of December please suggest!

        1. thanks for the reply !!! our group mostly consist of corporate guys we get holiday only during December, we have done Kedharkant \ Kauri pass in December last week . so we are planing this one so this would be as amazing as kedharkant and Kauri on amount of snow fall what is your suggestion or do you have any other snow trek which will have snow during last week of December please suggest

  6. Hi ,

    I am looking for a trek in Decemer 2017.
    I am confused between Brahmatal trek & Kauri pass trek, i am not sure which one would be better.

    please suggest about your opinion.

    Note: I have done Kedarkantha trek in winter.

  7. Hi,
    Myself and my husband r planning for Brahmatal trek in the month of Feb next year. Would we able to get to see blanket of snow during that period. As we hail from Bangalore how do we plan for this trek. Would be highly appreciated if u throw some light on this.

    Sripriya Iyer

  8. Hi ,

    I have registered myself for Bramhatal this Dec 17-22 batch. But reading all the comments above I got an idea that snow is mostly seen in Jan. Now I’m a bit disappointed that I may have booked the trek too early for the snow.

    How likely will I get to see snow in Dec 17-22 batch?

    1. Hi Pratik, mid-December is a very unpredictable time. There may or may not be snow. From the way the weather pattern has been this year, we are expecting snow to fall by mid-December, but it’s a gamble. Perhaps towards the end of your batch is when you may actually see snow – especially towards the summit.

  9. hi
    will there be any snow in november 20 to nov30…my requirement is not walk in too much snow however would like the view of snow clad mountains..

    1. Hello Ram
      We are running the Brahmatal trek starting from the month of December to April. It is likely to snow on this trek only from the second half of December. We can’t predict snowfall but from previous year’s patterns it appears to snow only towards the end of December. You will definitely be able to spot snow clad mountains on the trek.

  10. Hi Team Indiahikes
    I have booked the Brahmatal trek for Jan 2018. I am pretty excited about it.
    This would be my second trek with Indiahikes and 3rd Himalayan trek in 12 months :).

    I was a little confused with the last picture in the photo story for Brahmatal. It says that on our way back from Lohajung to Kathgodam, we’ll pass Dev Prayag. I think that’s not correct and misleading, or am I missing anything here.

    1. Hi Puneet,
      That is correct. You will not pass Dev Prayag during your return journey to Kathgodam, after the trek. The trekker, in the case of the photo story, chose to return via Haridwar on his own.

    1. Hi Arihant,
      Brahmatal is a good trek for a first timer. So your wife can join you as well :). Please make sure you both work on your fitness before going on the trek.
      There should be snow on the trail in March end. That is also the time for rhododendrons.

  11. Would like to know the exact period when the rhodendrons will be in full bloom. I am planning to do the Brahmatal trek in 3rd week of April’18. Is it the right time to view this heavenly beauty? Chances of snow at the summit? Coz its usually this trek is done as a winter trek n I doubt that will get snow during April.

    1. Hello Dr. Pavan,
      First week of April is best to see rhododendrons in full bloom. Likelihood of finding snow on the trail is also high earlier in the month.

    1. Hi Krishna that’s not likely. You can go through this article about when exactly to find snow and on which treks -

  12. Hello Team,
    What’s the avg. temperature now for the Brahmatal Trek (IIM Indore team)? Also, let me know the minimum temperature so that we can carry the required kits.

    1. Hi Imandi, you’ll need at least 5 warm layers. Make sure you bring them along. Also, the temperatures could drop to below zero post sun down.

  13. Hello Team,

    I have registered for dec 27th to jan 1st batch. Any idea when it might start snowing on this trek this year?

    Kedar Kulkarni

  14. Hi.. I am Planning for brahmatal trek for march 2-7 batch.. will it be snow fall during that time..? Also, what is the temperature difference if feb & march..? I am a snow lover basically..

    1. Hi Rohan,
      Yes, you will find snow in March in Brahmatal.
      There won’t be that much of a temperature different between Feb and March. You can expect temperatures between 10 degrees celsius to -10 degrees celsius in Feb. March will be slightly warmer.

  15. Hi.. I live in oman and planning to come to india for a short vacation in october. This time I wanted to do a snow trek.. I thought to do a brahmatal trek but later I had seen india hikes posts related to snow there. So I thought to ask you in comment before proceeding. Can you suggest me the snow trek for the month of mid october

    1. Hi, there won’t be snow in October. Snow from the previous seasons starts melting from June onwards. You will find fresh snow on treks after mid-December. If you want to trek in snow, please re-consider your schedule. Or, you may go for some of the great treks during autumn. In fact, autumn is considered to be the best month to trek for clear weather and spectacular mountain views. And, Brahmatal is a trek known for its mountain views of the Trishul range, Hathi Ghoda etc.