Can Being Fit Reduce The Chances Of Getting AMS?

We all know that Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) cannot be entirely escaped on a high altitude trek. But can you reduce your chances of getting it by keeping fit?

On this week’s episode on Trek Talks with Vishnu Benne, our host Vishnu explains how keeping fit can help reduce the chances of being hit by AMS.

On my trek to Kuari Pass last month, I could see some trekkers struggling on the pass day. The ascent on this day was steep and covered quite a long distance. Later that day I learnt that they hadn’t been preparing for the trek. Some of them had stopped doing so just a month before the trek.

I wasn’t surprised that they began showing signs of AMS right from the day we reached the first campsite. They complained of headaches and felt nauseous. Could this be linked? Who knows!

Vishnu breaks down the importance of getting fit for a trek.

He tells you how getting fit doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply wear your running shoes and head outside. Running on the street or even the neighbourhood park will help you better acclimatize to the natural elements you will encounter on your trek.

If you want to get fit for your next trek then give this podcast a listen.

Stay tuned to our weekly podcast for more such information on high altitude trekking tips.

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One thought on “Can Being Fit Reduce The Chances Of Getting AMS?

  1. I had been on the Kuari pass trek, 22nd October 2017 batch. My 10 years old son and 13 years old cousin accompanied me. While it was the second high altitude trek for me and my son (the first one being Chandrashila trek with IH in March 2017), it was the first ever trek for my cousin. He had started preparing for the trek at least 45 days before the trek. He also shared screen shots of the apps which showed how much he walked/ran. However, he was not only irregular but his exams just before the trek made him skip a weak of workout. Our trek started from Auli. My cousin started complaining of breathlessness 30 minutes into the trek . He couldn’t manage approximately 3.5 kms of distance up to the first camp site. At the camp site he complained of mild head ache. He vomited a few minutes before dinner. Despite administering diamox, his condition did not improve. While my cousin struggled, my 10 years old son found it very easy. He had prepared well.

    Unfortunately we 3 had to return back.

    I just want to send a message to the readers to take preparation very seriously. I don’t want any of the participants to get disappointed due to lack of preparation. India Hikes does a wonderful job of ensuring that participants prepare well before the trek. However, some participants do not take preparation seriously.

    And yes, I do not have words to describe how much care indiahikes team takes of each participant. I’m extremely grateful to the entire team.