Chhattisgarh Jungle Trek: A Photo Story

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Chhattisgarh Jungle Trek: A Photo Story

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By Latika Payak


In the final week of January 2021, Indiahikes team led by Slope Manager Gourab Nandy trekked in the jungles of Chhattisgarh. The trek was visually so vibrant, that Gourab couldn’t hold back from sharing a riveting photo story.

For those who are not familiar with the Chhattisgarh trek, it is a trek right out of Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book. A treat for naturalists and birders. The Chhattisgarh Jungle trek is situated in the Guru Ghasidas National Park of India. This is also a Tiger Reserve.

The surprising thing about this trek is its variety. It’s not always a plain walk through the forest. Some times you trek amidst thick jungle, next you find yourself on the sandy shores of the Pairi river, some time you are climbing rocks and at other, hopping over smooth pebbles in a shallow stream. This kind of variety is hard to imagine.

That’s where Gourab’s photo story comes to the aide. It gives you a clear picture of how the trek looks like. Browse through it and drop in any comments that popped up in your mind.

Photos and Narration by Gourab Nandy

The main gate of Guru Ghasidas National Park. It’s not an ordinary gate, it’s the gateway of the future of trekking in India. Welcome to our Indiahikes Chhattisgarh Jungle trek.

A beautiful place to sit on the banks of river Pairi

The trek started through the main road snaking through the jungle. We walked on the road for 2 km.

Then we entered the jungle trail for the first time leaving behind the man-made road

It was mid-day. The scorching sun was right over our heads. But the spirit of trekking remained high. In this pic, you see Ram ji, the forest guard, sweeping the entire team from the tail-end

There was a slight change on the trail as we moved towards River Pairi. We all were excited to see an ankle-deep river to cross. “Aur thoda sa hi hai Gourab ji, nadi aane waali hai,” Ram ji said right before we reached this small stream. It was smaller than we expected. But it was beautiful.

The first feeling of crossing an ankle-deep river inside a National Park was really amazing

Suddenly after crossing the river we got to see this on the trail. But Mowgli couldn’t see Bagheera 🙂 Naseeb mein sirf unka pug mark tha (Fate only consisted of his pug mark)

After half an hour of crossing the stream, we reached a beautiful place where we unpacked their lunch and had a midday meal.


After lunch, we entered another beautiful landscape

An aerial view for the first time on this trek

As the sun set in the horizon, we crossed a Purana (old, dam-like structure)

Our yellow Hillman Tents at the Gidhar campsite

The next day, we witnessed a beautiful sunrise on the Pairi river

We started our trek from Gidhar to Turrapani village. Walking naked feet on the river bank inside the jungle was a great experience. We walked for half kilometer with our shoes in our hands.

Then we came across another river to cross

Trekkers were so happy to see this place where one can experience ankle-deep water on the river, along with mangrove like trees on the sides and hills in the backdrop.

A natural cave on the way to the hill

The view from the hill was magnificent. Rest was required after walking for so long. The sun was right above our head.

The best place where one can spot a leopard. But we couldn’t

We reached the Turrapani after sun-down.

Our accommodation at Turrapani village

The place where villagers bring their crops after harvesting. Turrapani is a very rural village inside Guru Ghasidas National Park

This is the Turrapani where water trickles naturally from the rocks. This is the one and only source of water for the villagers, situated 1 km away from the Turrapani village.

The trail the next day was also a beautiful one. here we were descending from the hill into the jungle.

After a trek of 3 hours, we came across this opening of Tadiyabandh campsite. Here we interacted with some villagers too who had come to graze their cattles.

Trekkers had to cross a marshy, swampy area to reach this beautiful lake with floating lotuses. This sight eased our setbacks and tiredness.

Walking by the side of this serene lake was a great experience

Setting up camp at the Tadiyabandh campsite

Every sunset gives us hope, hope for a new day, new dreams

It was a foggy morning the next day. It was the last day of our trek.

On the last day of the trek. when Dr Indrajit hugged the tree, every one of us lived the moment and felt the presence of all living plants in our surroundings



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