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Bheemana Kindi Trek

Bheemana Kindi trek is one of the lesser-known treks around Bangalore. Even though it is close to the famous Kabbala Durga, not many know about the Bheemana Kindi trek. 

This trek starts from a village called Kanchana Halli near Kabbala village. This entire region comes under the Kabbala state forest. 

Loaded with some interesting historical stories, legends have it that while Kunti was bringing food to Bheema, she lost her way in the forest. To rescue her, Bheema hit the topmost cliff with his mace and paved an entry through the arch for his mother. However, Geologists believe that the arch was formed due to weathering and erosion.

On the top of the hill, there is a Bheemana Kindi Basaveshwara temple. The villagers offer their prayers on Mondays and Fridays.

The trail is well defined and can be done by beginners. Most of the trek is through sections of forest and grassland. During a weekend, you can spend some quality time with your friends or family on the top of this hill. For the adventurous, go further after the rock arch to reach the topmost point.

Table Of Contents

Just like you, we love trekking! And this is a trek we’ve documented in great detail to help you do it on your own. Drop-in comments at the end of the page if you need any help!  You will get all the information required to do the Bheemana Kindi trek on your own.

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What To Watch Out For

1. The Massive Arch

A naturally formed rock arch is the highlight of this trek. The arch is visible only when you reach the top. It is about 100 ft in height, with a length of around 100 ft and a width of 50 ft. The Basaveshwara Temple is located within the arch. 

Bheemanakindi-under the massive arch-Indiahikes-Prem

The massive arch on the top. It is almost impossible to capture the arch in one frame. Picture by Prem

You can expect the wind gushing through when you enter the arch. The view from here is a sight to behold.

2. Interesting Flora and Fauna on the Trek

There are lots of butterflies fluttering around. Keep your eyes peeled for the big blue butterfly that flutters around there. It is the Blue Mormon, one of the largest butterflies in India and the state butterfly of Maharashtra. You could also encounter some orchids on the trek.

Start the trek early in the morning and you will be treated to an orchestra of bird songs. 

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Trail Information

Bheemana Kindi trek can be divided into 2 sections. 

  1. Kanchana Halli to the arch
  2. Arch to the top
Bheemanakindi-trail map-Indiahikes-Prem

Trail Map of Bheemana Kindi Trek. Source: Google Earth. Picture Courtesy Prem

Section I: Base of Bheemana Kindi  to Arch

Trek Distance: 1.5 km
Trek Duration: 1 hr
GPS coordinates of Kanive Anjaneya temple: 12° 28′ 39.756” N, 77° 15′ 8.172” E
GPS coordinates of the Arch: 12° 28′ 35.796” N, 77° 15′ 26.928” E

From Kanchana halli, you reach the starting point of the trek by a short walk. This would be a good warmup for the trek. However, if you use a private vehicle to reach the village, you can directly go to the starting point.

The trek starts from the trail beside the Kanive Anjaneya temple. The initial trail consists of stone steps. As you move ahead, the trail becomes a mix of stone steps and a muddy trail. It takes you through the trees, shrubs and tall grass.

| Note: The trail gets slippery during the monsoons. It is advisable to wear trekking shoes with a good grip. 

You will reach a Kalyani on the way. Take a moment to look back and enjoy the view. 

Bheemanakindi-view from Kalyani-Indiahikes-Prem

View from the Kalyani. Picture by Prem

You might come across parallel trails crisscrossing. In case of doubt, look for the electric poles and walk along the path of the electric poles. This will take straight to the Arch.

The arch is hidden from view until you reach this particular point after the Kalyani. The size of the arc amazes you when you reach there. You will find a temple dedicated to Lord Basaveshwara under the arch.

Take a break and soak in the views. If you start early in the morning, you could well be standing above the clouds. This is the highlight of the trek.

Section II: Arch to the Top

Trek Distance: 800 m
Trek Duration: 30 minutes
GPS coordinates for Arch: 12° 28′ 35.796” N 77° 15′ 26.928” E 
GPS coordinates for the top point: 12° 28′ 39.828” N 77° 15′ 36.972” E

To reach the top of the hill, take the left from the temple through the gap in the boulders. 


Take the left through one of these gaps just before the temple to reach the top. Picture by Prem

You will find a large boulder ahead. Climb over the boulder to find the trail. The trail gets steeper. You will have to scramble over many boulders at some points and it feels like a true adventure in finding the trail amidst these sets of boulders. Follow the trail and you should reach the summit in about half an hour.

The top is a large area that you can explore. You get treated to some fabulous views. You can also see Kabbaladurga from the top. 

Don’t be surprised if you see elephant dung or any other faeces of animals along the way or at the top. There are sightings of wildlife in this forest cover. So be alert while trekking.  

Bheemanakindi-view from the top-Indiahikes-Prem

View from the top. You can see the Kabbala Durga from here. Picture by Prem

You can take the same route to descend down. It will take an hour to reach the base.

| Tip: Start your descent and have a Turn Around Time (TAT) from the top or wherever you are by 4.30 pm at the latest.

GPX File For The Bheemana Kindi Trek

We go to great lengths to ensure you have a safe trek. So here’s a GPX file of the trail to help you navigate without getting lost. Click here to download the file

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Best Season To Do The Bheemana Kindi Trek

The best season to do the trek is from the months of October to February. You get the perfect weather to trek. You can also see the colourful flowers and butterflies on the trail.

During monsoon season, the trail can become slippery. Hence, we recommend you avoid trekking in the monsoon season.

The summer season is not recommended as the extreme heat may not allow you to enjoy the trek.

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How To Reach Bheemana Kindi Trek

Bheemana Kindi trek starts from a small village called Kanchana Halli. Kanchana Halli is about 14km from Sathanur and about 22km from Channapatna.

Reaching Bheemana Kindi by your vehicle

If you are planning on reaching using your vehicle from Bangalore, you can use this link to help set up navigation in google maps.
There are two ways to reach Kanchanahalli via Mysore road or Kanakapura road.

Via Mysore road: Take the Bangalore-Mysore highway from Bangalore. Reach Channapatna and take the left at Shahi circle on Channapatna-Halaguru road. After about 20.5 km take a left at Guruvinapura(look for a high school on the right). Continue for about 300 meters to reach Kanchana Halli.

Via Kanakapura road: Take the Bangalore-Kanakapura highway from Bangalore. Cross Kanakapura to reach Sathanur. Take a right just before the Sathanur bus stand on Kabbala road. Turn right at the Kabbalu base, and stay on the same road until you reach Kanchana Halli. Kanchana Halli is about 3 km from here.  

Reaching Bheemana Kindi by Public Transport System

Via Channapatna: Take a bus to Channapatna. From Channapatna, take a bus towards Halaguru. Alight at Guruvinapura. Take an auto-rickshaw or walk towards Kanchana Halli which is about 1.3 km from the main road.

Via Sathanur: Take a bus from Bangalore to Kanakapura. From the Kanakapura bus stand, take a bus towards Sathanur. You can also take a direct bus that goes towards Malavalli to reach Sathanur. From Sathanur, take an auto to reach Kanchana Halli.

Nearest Railway Station

Channapatna Railway station: 22 km 

Nearest International and Domestic Airport

Bengaluru International Airport – 123 km away

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Difficult Sections On The Bheemana Kindi Trek

There is no difficult section as such. However, the trail becomes slippery if it rains. So you need to keep your foot carefully. 

The trail to reach the topmost point of the trek is a steep ascent. The trail is also hidden by the overgrown grasses. Hence, it is recommended to use the GPX file.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bheemana Kindi Trek

1. Do we need permission to do the Bheemana Kindi trek?

You do not need any permission to do this trek. You can start the trek immediately after reaching the starting point.

2. Is camping allowed on the Bheemana Kindi trek?

With few wildlife sightings on the trek, camping is not recommended. Even night trek is also not permitted on this trek.

3. Are there any stay options near Bheemana Kindi Trek?

There is no stay option in the village. However, you find many hotels and resorts near Ramnagar, Kanakpura and Channapatna. You can find some of the hotels here

4. What are the timings on the Bheemana Kindi Trek?

The Bheemana Kindi is a safe trek. However, since it is the Kabbala forest range area, there are rigid restrictions to camping at the location after sunset. In fact, the chances of you losing your way after dusk are very high. 

You can begin the trek at 6 or 7 am in the morning. Also, you are advised to return to the base by 6 pm in the evening. 

| Tip: Start your descent and have a Turn Around Time (TAT) from the top or wherever you are by 4.30 pm at the latest.

5. Is there a food and water source on the Bheemana Kindi Trek?

There is no outlet for food around the base of the trek. It is advisable to carry packed food/snacks from the nearest town of Kanakapura/Sathanur or when you leave your homes in your own tiffin box. Do not take any plastic or waste along with you. 

There is no water source around to fill as well. It is advisable to carry a minimum of 2 litres of water from the starting point. 

| ProTip: You can eat breakfast at the renowned Vasu hotel in Kanakpura and then proceed on the trek.

6. Emergency contacts for Bheemana Kindi Trek

Hospital:  B J Lingegowda Hospital (Contact Number – +918029783086) and Punya Hospital (Contact Number +918029783084) are the nearest hospitals on the Bheemana Kindi trek.
Both these hospitals are about 25 kilometres away from the Kanchana Halli. 

Police Station: Sathnoor police station (080-27551233, 9480802863) and Kanakapura Rural police station (080-27523616, 9480802861) are the nearest police stations to the Bheemana Kindi Trek. 

Sathanur Forest DepartmentIn case of any emergency, you can contact the forest office of the Sathanur Forest division. 

ERSS: For any kind of emergency help, you can contact the Pan-India Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) number- 112

7. ATMs and Networks on the trek

ATMs: Sathanur is the nearest town that has ATMs.

Mobile Networks: Mobile network is patchy. Jio works well.
Airtel does not get any connectivity throughout the trek. 

Places To Visit After Bheemana Kindi Trek

There are many other famous treks close to the Bheemana Kindi trek. One can attempt to complete multiple treks in a day. Below are a few other treks that can be covered.

  • Kabbala Durga: It is one of the popular hills to climb. With steep ascents, the trek will test your mettle. It takes you to a height of about 1060 metres. The views from the top are well worth the effort.
  • Savandurga hill: It follows a trail to the top of Asia’s largest monolith hill. October to February is the best time to do this trek. To know more about the trek, visit the link.
  • Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta: It is another popular hill situated near Kanakapura town. This is a short trek. You can do this trek after finishing the Bheemana Kindi trek. 

 Trek Contribution

Trek done and documented by Prem Kumar Nagarajan

Banner Image and other Images by Prem Kumar Nagarajan

The trek was written by Prem Kumar Nagarajan and Nayana Jambhe

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