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The Complete Guide to Siddalingeshwara Betta Trek

Siddalingeshwara Betta trek, a quaint hill situated near Lakshmipura, around 16 kilometres from Ramanagara is a very short day hike that takes us through beautiful mango fields and a kilometre long trail. It is at a distance of 54 kilometres or 58 kilometres from Bangalore, depending on the route taken and is easily accessible by road. The nearest landmarks are Savanadurga (approx. 13 kilometres away) and Shilhaandara Resort (approx. 10 kilometres away).

The start point of the trek is the small Concrete Factory, which will be on your left (if you have travelled by Bus, Train or have taken Bangalore-Mysore Highway) or right (if you have taken the Sunkadakatte-Manchanabele route). You will notice a trail leading to Mango Farms right opposite the concrete factory.

The start of the Siddalingeshwara Betta trail at mango farms

The start of the Siddalingeshwara Betta trail at mango farms. Image from Indiahikes Archive

Follow the trail for about half a kilometre while the hill is on your right until you notice a small white building that appears to be hanging from the hill. You can take a quick hike to the temple, for which steps are being laid out, but currently, it is a rugged terrain till you reach the temple.

Take left to go to the top of Siddalingeshwara Betta

Take left to go to the top of Siddalingeshwara Betta. Image from Indiahikes Archive

Climb down the temple path and take the right to follow the trail. Keep going for about a kilometre, with the hill on your right. The trail should take you to the base of the hill from where you will begin the climb. Around 100 meters from the base, be extremely cautious as barb wire traps have been laid out by the locals to catch wild animals (very disheartening, but true) and trekkers are prone to tripping and falling face down!

Views from top of Siddalingeshwara Betta

Views from top of Siddalingeshwara Betta. Image from Indiahikes Archive

The climb is a gradual ascent, not very steep but can be tricky at a few spots. In about 20 minutes you should reach the top. Once at the top, you can explore the vast landscape and spend a good amount of time soaking in the panoramic beauty.

Retrace your steps back the same way you came up. You can climb down to the temple from the top of the hill as well, but it is very steep and can get very tricky and therefore not recommended. Especially if you’re trekking alone.

➤ How to Plan Your Travel

By Bus

Take a KSRTC Bus towards Mysore from Satellite Bus Stand, Bapujinagar, Bangalore and get down at Ramanagara, which is approx. 1-hour journey. After getting down at Ramanagara Bus Stand, cross the main road to your right, enter the main Bus Stand and take a bus that goes towards Magadi.

Cross the road to catch a bus going towards Magadi. Image from Indiahikes Archive

By Train

Take a train towards Mysuru Junction from Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna Railway Station, Bengaluru. Get down at Ramanagaram Junction, which is again an hour’s journey. From here, take an auto-rickshaw to Ramanagara Main Bus Stand, which is approx. 2 kilometres. Another alternative is to take a walk through the city to reach the Bus Stand. Ask the locals for the way! From the Main Bus Stand, take the bus towards Magadi.

After you take the bus towards Magadi, get down at a junction called Gungarahalli (approx. 30 minutes journey) and walk for 100 meters till you notice a small Concrete Brick Factory on your left.

Gungarahalli – closest road head to Siddalingeswara Betta

Gungarahalli – closest road head to Siddalingeswara Betta. Image from Indiahikes Archive

By Two and Four-wheelers

There are two routes which you can take to reach the place. One is to take the Sunkadakatte-Manchanabele road from Bangalore (approx. 54 kilometres), and the other is to take the Bangalore-Mysore highway (approx. 58 kilometres). The former route takes you through Manchanabele Dam and Savanadurga which is a scenic one with many villages and greenery accompanying you, while the latter one takes you through Ramanagara city, wherein you have to take a right at the signal with Main Bus Stand on your right.

Walk for 100 meters in the direction from which the above picture was shot to get to the concrete factory which is the beginning of the trail.