August 2016 Photo Contest – Results out!

The results of the August 2016 pictures are out! And also, trekkers have chosen their favourite shot for the Trekkers’ Choice Award! Each picture is calendar-worthy! Take a look!

How even the most experienced trekkers can get lost in the mountains

When Sachin Jha went on the Kanamo Peak trek, little did he expect his most experienced trek leader, Saranbir Singh, to go missing. Dusk turned to night and nobody had heard from him. Here’s the story of what played out on the trail!

The Photo contest results are out!

This month apart from the 3 photos chosen by our judge, we had a special photo “Trekkers’ Choice Prize” chosen by you! Check out the winners here and don’t forget to Congratulate them!

When Indiahikes trekkers ran into legendary mountaineer Bachendri Pal at Kanamo

Our Kanamo trekkers fell speechless when they bumped into legendary mountaineer Bachendri Pal and her Everest-er colleagues. They were almost in tears at her incredibly kind gestures. Read more to know what happened!