Top 6 Budget Shoes Trekkers Swear By – Trek Shoes At Less Than Rs 4000

Today I’m sharing with you some of the best budget shoes trekkers are using. I’ve put this post together because we get umpteen mails asking for shoe recommendations. Hopefully, by the end of the post, that doubt will be gone.

A few weeks ago, I sent trekkers an email asking them if they have used budget trekking shoes (below Rs 3000). And what an insightful response I got! I was quite surprised to find so many good budget shoes!

I studied most of these shoes, the specifications, the reviews, and have arrived at these 6 best shoes.

Before I get into models and brands, please keep in mind two things

  • These are shoes that have been recommended by trekkers who have used them.
  • Most of these shoes are perfectly suited for local treks and easy-moderate Himalayan treks like Kedarkantha and Dayara Bugyal. But for a very long, difficult Himalayan trek, I would choose wisely out of these.

Alright, let’s get started.

1. Quechua’s NH100 Hiking / Trekking Shoes

Many trekkers ask me if these shoes are good enough for Himalayan treks. But even though they cost well below Rs 1500, I wouldn’t recommend them for a Himalayan trek.

They’re perfectly fine for trekking in the Western Ghats though. They have ankle support and are pretty sturdy. But they don’t have any water resistance. So you cannot use them for trekking in snow or rain. They are good shoes for light and mostly dry hikes.

Trekker review: “Pros: (1) High quality build. (2) Abuse friendly, can take rough usage with a lot of ease. (2) Good traction/grip. (3) Pocket friendly price. (4) Comfortable wear. Cons: (1) Not water resistant. (2) Not suitable slippery ice-trek trails.” – Zulfi

2. Quechua’s NH150 trekking shoes

This is a grade higher than the NH100 thanks to its water resistance. It can last up to 2 hours in water as it as a water-resistant coating and a water-proof membrane. It has a good Cross Contact sole with mid-ankle support. This one is suitable even for Himalayan treks, but not for very difficult terrain like Pin Bhaba Pass or Kanamo Peak.

Trekker review: “The shoes are comfortable, dry off easily and provide great grip even on wet, slippery stones. Great shoes for the given price point” – Vashisht

3. Quechua’s MH100 trekking shoes

This is another shoe that is branded as a hiking shoe. But I’ve seen many trekkers opt for it because it falls within a good budget and ticks all the right boxes — the sole has good grip, it has ankle support, a flexible sole and water resistance.

For most of our easy, moderate and even moderate-difficult Himalayan treks like Rupin Pass, these shoes will work. They are slightly on the higher end of budget trekking shoes though, costing around Rs 3,500.

Trekker Review: “I have used the shoes on several Sahyadri treks in winters and rainy as well and also used them at Buran Ghati in snow as well. It;s been almost a year since I have bought it, and these shoes are in great condition. They are helpful in all kind of terrain, also they are zero maintenance, and easily washable.” – Raj Shah

4. Wildcraft’s Hypagrip trekking shoes

I was surprised to see Wildcraft in a list of “budget” trekking shoes. They are never known to be “budget” anything. And there is a loophole too. These shoes cost Rs 2,500 on portals like Flipkart, but they are well over that (~ Rs 4,000) on the official site. So getting this at a budget price depends on your luck.

The shoes, on the other hand, are pretty decent for Himalayan treks. They score high in the traction department. But I’ve read reviews of the water resistance being very basic. So for a monsoon trek, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you’re an occasional trekker, these shoes would suit you.

Trekker review: “It worked pretty well during my Sandakphu trek!! But I cant say whether it will last long or not as I used that only for one trek and also havent used it in snow.” – Utpal Gogoi

5. Campus Sports Hiking Shoes by Action

When I saw that 20% of our trekkers recommended this shoe and it costs less than Rs 1000, I thought “What an absolute steal!” Diving further into this shoe, I figured the trick is to buy this offline, or you may have to spend a long time finding the right shoe online.

This is not your ideal shoe for Himalayan treks. It has no ankle support, and is not meant for rough terrain with long hours of trekking everyday.

But it works beautifully for treks in the Western Ghats, and can even survive a light shower. My colleague, Saurabh, who treks extensively in the Sahyadris and has been using it for a long time, even in rain. His only issue is that it gets a bit heavy when it gets wet and takes a long time to dry.

Trekker review: “These are the perfect budget trekking shoes. Used them in rock, scree, snow, rain, grass. They have both low and high ankle versions, and I use the high ankle one. Their only pitfall is they’re not waterproof, but it doesn’t get more value for money in terms of trekking shoes than this.” – Saini Krishnamurthy

6. Woodland Trekking Shoes

I’ve noticed that trekkers have very strong opinions on Woodland shoes. They either love them, or they really dislike them. And this shoe might bring about those strong emotions too.

These are sturdy and durable as any trekking shoe, but have the same issue as most Woodland shoes — they are heavier than other brands’ trekking shoes, and also don’t work well in rain. And at around Rs 3,500, they aren’t too budget-friendly.

But I came across this review, which is what made me feature this shoe in my mail.

Trekker review: “Contrary to popular opinion about woodland shoes, I found these shoes to be an excellent fit, utility and buy and they are affordable too. These shoes give an excellent grip on snow, gravel and boulders..they are light weight, have good ankle support and are pretty durable as well..I have been using them for last 3 years, though I have done only about 6 treks, I have used them extensively for my workouts including running.” – Abhishek Vaddadi

Know any more budget shoes?

That wraps up the 6 budget trekking shoes being used by trekkers. The rest of the shoes that trekkers have mentioned are either not easily available, out of production, or have too few recommendations to consider seriously.

This chart will give you an overall idea of trekkers are opting for.

If you have any more shoes that you would recommend, ideally within Rs 3,500, then drop in a comment on this page –

It will greatly help trekkers! 🙂

Rent trekking shoes instead of buying

Having assessed all these shoes, I would still recommend renting shoes instead of buying them. You can rent a shoe worth Rs 4,000 for hardly Rs 690 for a Himalayan trek.

You could spend the saved money on more travel or more treks!

If you’re trekking with Indiahikes, you can rent gear from here.

Some bonus resources

1. I recently made a video on how to differentiate between a good trekking shoe and a sports shoeWatch it here.

2. If you’d like to know how to choose the right trekking shoesclick here.

That’s all from me today.

I’ll speak to you next week!


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29 thoughts on “Top 6 Budget Shoes Trekkers Swear By – Trek Shoes At Less Than Rs 4000

  1. Action trekking shoe is available with ankle support and is the best in Sahyadris. Maybe for a day trek in lower Hiamlayas.

  2. Hi! Swa Big fan of your blogs and video guides on trekking. one quick question IS mh100 good enough for Tarsar Marsar? Planning to do on sep 2nd week (last batch)

  3. Hi,
    Boltio trekking shoes worth Rs. 1,400, available on Myntra. They are cool. Did the Goe chala trek with it last November. No complaints at all.

  4. From where can we rent the trekking shoes? Is there any online portal or the brick & mortar shops located close to the base point of the trek?

    1. Hi, with us, once you register for the trek you will get an option to rent trekking gears one month before your trek begins. According to the registrations, rental gears like trekking shoes get sent to the base camp from where you wear it and leave for your trek. Not aware of other rental options at the basecamp 🙂

  5. I used Campus Trekking and hiking shoes for “Har ki dun trek”. Its good budged shoes within 1700. The main advantage is its very light weight. Its cushioning and ankle support is very good which prevent from knee jerks.
    The sole is awesome with anti skid . Great grip for both climbing up and climbing down. I would recommend that for Himalayan treks. you can find it on Amazon and on flipkart.

  6. Unistar has several good offerings, that are cheap & sturdy. Agreed they are low on comfort.
    I covered Chopta-Chandrashila (during snowfall) in February last year, wearing those. Later, I also did Kalavantin Dueg & Prabalgarh (Maharashtra) with the same pair.

  7. I am Aniruddha. Pathak. I am planning. To do. Hamta. Pass Trek in oct. As I know. There. Are two river crossing. My query is that should I cross the. Rivers with bare foot. Or. With shoes ? Few highrenge shoes from Quechua. Are fully watrproof but If I dip in the water while crossing the river then shoes will get wet very soon. I am bit confused about the same. Please reply me with your experience about the same. What usualy treaters do ?

    1. Hi Aniruddha, river crossings are best done barefoot. It’s an exhilarating experience. The shoes are water-resistant and not completely water-proof. If the mouth of the shoe goes under water, water will get inside the shoe. While your feet will remain dry when you step in puddles, when you wade through a gushing river, the shoes and feet are bound to get soaked and will take a long time to dry. So, do remove your shoes while crossing rivers 🙂

  8. I am Aniruddha. Pathak. I am planning. To do. Hamta. Pass Trek in oct. As I know. There. Are two river crossing. My query is that should I cross the. Rivers with bare foot. Or. With shoes ? Few highrenge shoes from Quechua. Are fully watrproof but If I dip in the water while crossing the river then shoes will get wet very soon. I am bit confused about the same. Please reply me with your experience about the same. What usualy treaters do ?

  9. I’ve read several reviews which disrecomnend Quechua for monsoon treks in the Sahyadri. Especially over wet mud and wet rocks.

  10. I have used 4 trekking shoes till now. My first trekking shoe was actually a Nike running shoe that lasted almost 9 treks in difficult sahyadri range of Maharashtra and without any doubt it was very comfortable and had a great grip. My second shoe was rented one from Indiahikes itself during my winter trek to Deorital-Chandrashila peak. It was a used one but even though I was wearing it for first time, It was a great shoe. I don’t know the model no. but I think it was Nh 100. My third shoe was Wildcraft trekester HA Hiking and trekking shoe. I bought it in around 1500 from an online portal. It looks solid, had a great grip but the only problem I found with it is, it was heating from inside, so I thought that it may be great for winter treks but not very useful in Sahyadris as climet is already hot here. So after trying to adjust with it for 10 days, I returned it. Then I purchased this “Adidas Terrex mid swift R2 gtx’ It is a costly one, original price is around 13k and with discounts you can get it in around 8k but I got it in 3999 because I went to factory outlate on a lucky day when they were selling the last piece in 70% discount. It is a terrific shoe, fully waterproof(I checked in streams) but not heating like Wildcraft. lighter than most trekking shoes, has ‘Continetal’ branded soul whose grip is rock solid in most of the surfaces and I am confident that it will do great in snow too. Overall a great shoe with one exception, It’s inner soul is so hard that my heels started paining a lot after first trek with it. But in next trek I put an extra insole of my old Nike shoes(yes, now it is combination of both Nike and adidas 🙂 🙂 and it was absolutely perfect for the next trek….Another shoe I want to talk about is Goldstar shoes. My friend who has done more than 200 treks all over India prefer this shoe for Sahyadris. According to him it is the best shoe in these terrains in very reasonable price…

      1. Thank you for your reply Swathi, I guess there is some misunderstanding.

        The model which I was referring to are Snow shoes “Men’s Snow Hiking Shoes SH520 X-Warm Mid – Black”

        My main query here is: Will it be good having Snow trekking shoe for all type of Himalayan treks??

        Please answer above query as I am amid confusion to buy it or not.

  11. Hi Swathi,

    Decathlon now offers MH100 mid ankle with Rubber sole @3500 and Trek 100 @5500.
    MH 100 is proper to use for my cming trek to Deoriatal tal trek?
    We are planning Mansarovar too in future,will it be perfect for both treks?

  12. Hi Swathi, big fan of yours. Going to Kedarkantha in Feb. I have bought a forclaz Trek 100 wide shoes from Decathlon, a size bigger than my usual. I feel slight pressure/discomfort on my last finger. Is it OK and will it go after few use or shall I change it.

    1. Hi Amit, if you have already bought a size bigger than your regular size, then it should be fine. You’ll need around 2 weeks’ time to break into your shoes. So just wear it around the city for a few days, that will really help soften the inners of your shoes and give you a more comfortable feeling.