Why Hampta Pass should be considered in Post Monsoon season

While many trekkers prefer to trek Hampta for it’s bumper accumulation of snow in a narrow funnel-like valley in the month of June, few people take their chances of doing a slog over a moraine ridge with no snow in the post monsoon months.

What looks like an absolute stunning alpine snow glaciers and bridges in the month of June transforms into a devious looking field of boulder-y moraine in September.

New season new views

Trekking Hampta Pass in Post Monsoon season has a unique side to it. A side which one hardly gets to see in summer season. If you are struck with the “Yeh Jawani hai Diwani movie” syndrome, then it is better you do not attempt Hampta Pass in late September. As you trek towards your first campsite Jwara, you will gradually see less of greenery. This gets replaced with more sightings of the raw barren Himalayan rock faces. Purist and experienced mountain enthusiasts will find themselves at home.

Hampta Pass - Sonia - View of Shea Goru campsite-49
View of Shea Goru campsite PC: Sonia

As you camp at Balu Ka Gera, you will be confronted with the view of Hampta Pass to be climbed the next day. There is no solitude of a monochrome snowy setting. Rani Nalla is found to be devoid of any snow bridges one is used to seeing in the summer months. What you do see is an impressive array of stream formation, trickling down the glacial basin which has completely shrunken into oblivion. The morning rays of sun are spectacular nonetheless and one can be excused for thinking for not camping here instead of Balu Ka Gera.

Steep ascentΒ to Hampta Pass

The approach to traversing Hampta Pass is not difficult but can be a tiring one. Climbing the eventual 2500 feet to reach Hampta Pass is a long haul. With changing weather pattern and loose moraine ridge climb, one has to start early in the morning.

The colossal peaks surrounding the Hampta ridge look intimidating. A couple of un-named peaks around the Pass gives an impression of Biblical Beast of Lucifer with it’s two menacing horns. As one reaches the top of Hampta one can marvel the grandeur of the location as if it has come straight out of the epic verses of John Milton’s “Paradise lost”. At the background, Mt. Indrasen towering at over 20,400 feet looking like a sweet reaper. The descent down to Shea Goru is a brutal one.

trekking in the Himalayas- hampta Pass trek- Indiahikes
Traversing the Hampta Pass in post monsoon months.

Shifting scenery in every direction

The whole landscape of the region takes a complete twist as you leave Kullu valley for barren desolation of Lahaul Valley. There is compounded beauty in this valley which takes time for anyone to absorb. Shea Goru is right in the middle of awesome trail. Never mind the snow-less valley, there is so much more to fathom. If you lookΒ back from this point you can see the impressive Hampta Pass on your right. A look towards it’s left from a vantage point will give you an unobstructed view of Indrasen peak and its massive glacier basin.

Trekking in the Himalayas- The descent from hampta Pass- Indiahikes
The descent to Lahaul Valley.

The pointy formations on the barren peaks across the stream has a peculiar pattern and attracts immediate attention. The climb down along the stream all the way to Chatru is a fitting end to an outlandish Himalayan trek.

We have opened our September dates for this trek. Check them out here.

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70 thoughts on “Why Hampta Pass should be considered in Post Monsoon season

  1. Planning for Hampta pass treck in October/November. Could you please tell me in detail what kind of weather we should expect?

    1. Hello Saikat
      The pass receives heavy snowfall during October and November. The pass is blocked making this trek inaccessible. But you could try doing the trek either in August or September. At this time You may find patches of snow but it is mostly lush green. You will also find huge stretches of flowers in vivid colours blossoming over the green meadows, especially around Shea Goru.

      1. Hi Karishma!

        Your response which says it will be lush green in September and may even have snow doesn’t seem to match the tone of the post which implies it will be full of moraines and could be disappointing for those who are expecting spectacular views! We are a brother sister duo who are planning our first trip away from home. We aren’t hopeful about snow but we wouldn’t like to see just rocks and brown monochromatic terrain! We don’t have more leave from office for longer treks or have the necessary experience for difficult treks so we zeroed in on Hampta (also for Chandratal)!

        Please clarify regarding the greenery part for the dates 3-8/4-9 September!

        Thanks a lot for your help!

        1. Hi Avan
          Yes you will enjoy a monochromatic view after crossing the pass. The lush green comes before that in places like Jobra, Jwara and Balu ka Gera. The snow would have mostly melted by this time and you will only see patches of it on rocks. So you get the best of both worlds πŸ™‚ The batch from 2 – 7 is still open. You can register for the same.

    1. Yes Vasanth, it will be raining up till the pass. But after pass crossing the weather is likely to be bright and sunny.

      1. Thanks a lot for Quick reply Karishma. I would like to trek during clear sky. Can you please suggest some better time. If it rains I assume it will be cloudy in night too

        1. It won’t be cloudy after the pass crossing. You will have a clear night of star gazing at Shea Goru.

          1. Hello there … I am Srinidhi and we are a group of 6 all of us around 50 yrs old..
            Can you suggest some nice snow filled treks by Mid September.
            If snow is not an option we would want some easy to moderate treks with outdoor camping options..
            We have already done Valley of Flowers and Hemkund

          2. Hi ,
            Can you tell me what will be the best trek for october mid if we want to see some snow and Greenery both.

      2. Planning for hampta pass trek in august 1st week 2019.. Is it good time? How will be weather conditions? Will there be snow??

        1. Yes, it’s a great time. You won’t find snow on the trek. Maybe in patches near the pass, if at all. As it’s a monsoon trek, do come prepared to trek in rains. You will have two or more days of light showers as you trek πŸ™‚

  2. Hi, we are four ppl planning for hampta pass or pangarchulla from 21 Oct(fixed). Couple of us wants snow as well, may be at pick points, for 2-3 hrs of play πŸ™‚ so, please suggest a good track. We won’t mind if there will be a snow fall.

    1. Hi Nishant, October is not a month when there is too much snow on trails – unless you’re going at the very end of October and experience the first winter snow at around 15,000+ ft. At Pangarchulla, there won’t be snow in October. It is very bouldery and navigating over them to the summit is very exhausting. Instead, I would suggest the Roopkund or Rupin Pass trek to you which are better treks in October and you may have the chance of coming across a few snow patches if nothing else.

  3. hello sir/mam
    I wanted to clear a few doubts I hope you help πŸ™‚
    we are a group of 7-8 people planning for the trek.

    1. we want to know which month should be perfect, we want to see snow as well, like decent snow and not huge that would create problem, in some parts of the trek and also lush greenery but not barren rocks. which month is perfect ? please also tell in which area snow and green spaces would be there.
    2. we have holidays from start of june to end of july , can our wish be fulfilled in during these months ? whatever I mentioned above.
    3. we are from delhi, how much normally would it take for a Delhi to Delhi trip coving hampta pass trek including chandratal?

    thank you so much for help, I hope you would clear our doubts so that we could start planning our dreamful trek to hampta pass πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Pranay,
      I am happy to help with clarifying your doubts πŸ™‚
      1. Plan your trek to Hampta pass towards the end of June. You will get to see snow and well as a lot of greenery. There will be patches of snow around Balu ka Ghera and the pass itself will have a considerable amount of snow.
      2. The place will be similar in July as well but there will be less snow the later you go.
      3. IF you are planning to do the trek with Indiahikes, you can find the trek fee here. The trek fee does not include travel from Chhatru to Manali and the travel to and fro from Delhi.
      It is possible to do Hampta Pass trek on your own. A well planned trek can cost you around Rs.6,500 per person Delhi to Delhi including travel, food and hiring a local guide. This does not include equipment such as tents and sleeping bags, which can either be rented in Manali or from the IMF in Delhi. June-July is peak season for travel in Manali, Leh and Ladakh so hiring a jeep/taxi can get expensive. You will need to bargain hard to get good rates.

      1. Thank you so much mam, the information was helpful, one last thing, for a delhi to delhi trip, how many no. Of. Days should we need to have for hampta pass trek if we want to include chandratal lake as well. A week?

  4. Hello, How is this trek to do in mid August ? How the nature would be? I am expecting a bit snowy patches with green meadows with flowers. Could you please tell om this.

    1. Hi Ajinkya,
      It will be very green and colourful on this trek in August. There will also be a lot of flowers. However, it is unlikely that you will find snow.

  5. hello, we are planning a trek to hampta pass in first week of june, can you tell us about the weather situation during this time?

    1. Hi Shivangi,
      There will be a lot of snow at pass in the first week of June. I recommend you go there a little later in June. There will still be snow but it will be easier to manage.

  6. Hello actually we are planning a trek to hampta pass we are group of seven I wanted to clear a few doubts . 1) which month is the best suitable for going to hampta pass as we all our begginer and specially if it includes 3 people who are under 18 are they suitable to go on such a trek ?

    1. Hi Gul,
      Hampta Pass is a good trek for beginners. It is also suitable for people under 18. However, they must be at 12 years old.
      I recommend you plan your trek after mid July. Snow will have melted at the pass, making it easier to trek.

  7. Hello! I would like to do the Hamara Pass trek during the last week of August or the September batch that is currently open. Will Chandrataal be a part of the itinerary during that time? I read that the road to it is closed during the start and end of season. So is September first week a good time to see Chandrataal?

    1. Hi Surya,
      The road to Chandratal is closed only if it has been washed off by snow or rain. It is usually fine in September as the rains reduce by then.

  8. I have done a plan for Hampta pass trek in 1st week of September.. I want to see Lush green meadows, not snow clad peak. is it possible to see lush greenary in this time?? plzz tell me.. Thanks in advance..

    1. Hi Sagar,
      Go to Hampta Pass in the second or third week of August if possible. It will be greener than in September and you will get to see a lot of flower.

  9. HI, we are planning a trek in the mid August, I was wondering if there is rain during this period, if it rains how can we manage trek? Since we are trying to avoid that.

  10. Hi Indiahikes,

    I am planning for this trek in second week of September, tell me how would be the climate and scenic beauty(greenery, barren, snow covered, raining). And what would be the temperature throughout September month?

    1. Hi Pratik,
      The rains will have reduced in September. You will find a flowers around Jwara and Shea Goru and a lot of greenery at Jobra and Jwara. The Lahaul side will be barren as usual. There will be no snow in September. If at all, you might find snow snow at the pass.
      The temperature can go down to 0 degrees celsius at night and be as high as 15-20 degrees during the day.

  11. We are planning this trek in the 2nd week of october. How would the weather be during that period. Will it be snowy or lush green?

  12. Hello Indiahikes,

    We are a group of three planning for a trek, maybe in the time zone of mid sep to mid oct. Which site would you suggest us? We would love to see snow and this is our first time.


    1. Hi Prashanth,
      If you are beginners, you should start with an easy-moderate trek such as Kuari Pass or Dayara Bugyal or even a moderate one such as Har ki Dun. However, it is unlikely that you will find snow on any of these treks in September-October.
      If you are fit first timers, your best bet to see snow will be at Roopkund in the second half of October.

  13. What will be the condition of terrain in late september?
    Can i expect green patches, dont want monochromatic views for full trek.
    Also i am not a fan of snow hence was planning to do it in Spetember.
    Can you please guide.

    1. Hi Suhas,
      It will be very green on the Kullu side even in late September. Lahaul will have very small patches of green, but the hues of the barren land there will be quite colourful.

  14. Hey!

    I have booked a trek to Hampta from October 20-24. What will the weather and terrain be like?
    We are 1st time trekkers

    1. Hi Nita,
      The terrain will be fine in the third week of October. It might start snowing at higher altitudes on this trek. Temperatures also drop significantly. Go prepared for sub zero temperatures in the night at higher campsites such as Balu ka Ghera and Shea Goru.

  15. I am planning of 28 august is this the right time to do the hapmta trek or its having heavy rainfall over there pls let me know

    1. Hi Gyan, late in SEptember is actually a great time because you experience the clearest weather during that time. πŸ™‚ Go for it!

  16. Hello,

    I’m planning to visit Hampta pass and Chandrataal in the month of October 2nd week. Could you please if its feasible to to travel during that time, as I would really want to visit Chandrataal which for me complete this Journey.

    1. Hi Shashwat, it may have started snowing by then. Which is why we end our season in the beginning of October. So try and go earlier?

    1. Hi Nilesh, Hampta Pass will not be accessible in December. It closes in around October with too much snow and becomes trekkable only in late June again. So you will not be able to trek there. Around Manali, Prashar Lake is a place you can visit in winter too. There will be snow, but it is accessible by trekking.

  17. Hi, what would the weather conditions be for hampta pass during early july to mid july season? Would there be too much rain for the trek as I see that rainfall is the highest during then.

  18. Me and my friends are planning to trek Hampta Pass around 20th July. What will be the rainfall condition? And will there be any chance of clear night sky for star gazing? Also will we be able to go to Chandrataal at that time?

  19. Hi,

    I am planning to do this trek on 25th of August. will the rains be a problem in commuting till the pass? Considering that we are travelling from delhi..
    Also, will we be able to visit Chandratal on our way back positively?

    1. Hi, you may expect it to rain for a day or two. But it will still be possible to trek till the pass. Chances of visiting Chandrataal by August 25th are very high as roads to Chandrataal open by June end πŸ™‚

  20. Hi,
    We two people and are planning on visiting hampta pass trek from 10-16 August. Can you please suggest if this is a good time. Will it be raining too much there that time ? Also wanted to know if Chandratal will be accessible?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi, as it’s monsoon do expect it to rain for more than two days on the trek πŸ™‚ But usually, they are light showers which should not disrupt your trek. Yes, by this time you should be able to go to Chandratal. The roads would have opened.

      1. Hi,
        We are planing this trek on Sep 9th batch as Aug slots , can we find greenery please suggest which week of the sep is will be good to this trek

  21. Hi,
    I am planning for the september trek for hampta pass. I wanted to know if it would be too rainy that time?
    Also will there be problem in river crossing as there are many river crossing for this trek?

    1. Hi, as it is a monsoon trek, please expect rains during the trek. So, come prepared with your rain gear. And, river crossings won’t be a problem as we aim to cross rivers early in the morning when the water force isn’t too strong πŸ™‚