April 2016 Blog Contest Winners

April 2016 Blog Contest Winners

Category Photo Contest

By Seersha Nambiar


“The writer shakes up the familiar scene, and, as if by magic, we see a new meaning in it. ” – Anaïs Nin. Every month we run blog contests. Every new entry shows the same trek in an entirely new light.  


The Land of Rhododendrons by Prakti Desai – Deoriatal-Chandrashila trek

“There is always some or the other kind of sound in forest be it a chirping bird or wind blowing through the trees or just the sound of our footsteps on the dried leaves. You can feel a deep connection with the surroundings while walking in such trails.”

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1st Runner Up

A Trip to the Valley of Gods by Rajkiran Rajkumar – Har Ki Dun trek

“Motivation is self-made. No, seriously. Every day that began, brought with it, an artificial goal made to cross that day. On the first day, it was excitement to explore Nature. On the second, the sight of Swargarohini. On the third, the sweet taste of accomplishment. On the fourth, the experience of snow. And this being the fifth, was probably the most material of them all. It was a chance to call home through a satellite phone.”

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Congratulations Prakti and Rajkiran! Keep trekking and writing. We loved all the entries and will share them on our website soon!

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Seersha Nambiar

About the author

Having studied business management, Seersha worked as a financial analyst for a year. But having been brought up close to nature, she took to the outdoors and turned towards travel writing.