Special Green Trails Group Opened For Students This July

Special Green Trails Group Opened For Students This July


By Swathi Chatrapathy

After many years, we have opened up a special Green Trails Trek for students across the country. 

This is going to be a 4-day trek, where students trek deep into the Himalayas to help clean up trekking trails and spread awareness about sustainable trekking. 

"We have had several Special Green Trails groups before, but not specially for students. The idea for this programme came up when a 12th std student, Nimish Goel, approached us a few weeks ago, with a deep interest in cleaning up trekking trails," shares Lakshmi Selvakumaran, head of Learning and Development at Indiahikes. 

In his email to us, he wrote, "I have been on multiple summer treks with Indiahikes. I have been impressed repeatedly with the methods employed to reduce trekkers' footprint at campsites and how we actively cleaned the sites before we left. However, I saw that at many campsites, not where Indiahikes camps but on trails, there was a lot of waste left by other hikers." 

Seeing the amount of waste led him to write to us about a special trek for students, where they could help clean up trails, and also explore a trek at the same time. 

At Indiahikes, we have always seen trekking as a way to feel closer to nature. Almost all our trekkers head back home promising themselves to be more sustainable in their daily lives. “When it comes to young impressionable students, it can be deeply effective as a learning experience,” shares Lakshmi. 

Students will be rewarded with a Green Trails Certificate at the end of the programme. 

When and where is the trek going to be held? 

The special Green Trails trek is going to be held at Bhrigu Lake, between 25th July - 28th July. 

It’s a 4 day trek near Manali, climbing to 14,000 ft. Anyone signing up for the trek must work on their fitness for at least a month before coming. 

We are restricting the age group to ages between 15 and 22, as it is open only to students. 

You’ll find the cost and all other details of the trek here - https://indiahikes.com/bhrigu-lake

If you’re a student, or know someone whom this might be suitable for, please fill out this form with all the required information. 

There will be a selection process. If you’re selected to be a part of the group, we will write back to you within 48 hours with the payment details.

Swathi Chatrapathy

Chief Editor

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