Where does Brahmatal Get Its Name From?

Where does Brahmatal Get Its Name From?


By Saba Husain

There is a very interesting story behind how Brahmatal got its name. if you're not familiar with Brahmatal, it is an alpine lake in Uttarakhand, at 10,440 ft.

The mythological tale from Vedas

When you walk the lands where Vedas have been written, there are many background stories and tales that are not only alluring but also help us understand the basis of names that have been given to a particular trek. One such fascinating tale is about Brahmatal being bestowed with the name it has.

When Lord Brahma was writing the Vedas sitting in the meadows, he needed to wet the tip of his finger to turn a leaf in his book. He needed pure water to turn the pages with, and thus Lord Brahma created Brahmatal. “Tal” means lake in Hindi and Garhwali. The name literally translates to Brahma’s Lake.”

It is also believed that Brahmatal lake is the location where Lord Brahma did spiritual penance and meditation for many years.

Saba Husain

About the author

Saba Husain is an avid trekker who has completed many Himalayan treks including Brahmatal and Markha Valley. She comes from the education sector with more than a decade worth of experience in leading, coordinating and mentoring teachers and students.

A yoga practitioner who enjoys long distance walking and cycling, she epitomizes the concept and science of ‘mind over body’.

A firm believer in the philosophy ‘everyone must trek as it transforms lives’, she has taken her passion for trekking to educate beginners moving into this exciting space by sharing her experiences.

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