Indiahikes Team builds a new bridge on the Hampta Pass trail

Indiahikes Team builds a new bridge on the Hampta Pass trail


By Abhishek Kumar

This was a small act by our team members to strengthen our safety practices and to ensure that every trekker, every mule and every porter trek safely.

On 18th June we started our journey early in the morning from Jobra along with the mules in the hope that we will be able to fix the Shea Goru campsite from the Lahaul side.

We reached Chhatru around 2:00 PM and went directly to see the 1st glacier section.

Without wasting any time our team started to cut the route to make the way for the mules. Convincing mule men to get them started was the only challenge that we could see at that time. Somehow he agreed.

While the loads were being loaded we got the message that there is no bridge to cross the river. There is just a single angle there and even crossing that for our team members is a risky thing.

We hadn't anticipated this challenge. We were left very clueless as what to do.

Umesh Ji, Lalit and I went to see the condition there.

We started searching for the other angle and this we found lying near that area which was almost in a shape of an arrow. The biggest challenge here was to straighten this angle.

Soon the two angles were straightened and the frame of the bridge was set.

We left the work on the 1st day as we had no plywood to make the base. We searched for this in the Dhabas at the Chhatru but we didn't get it.

We contacted the base and received the necessary items the next day in the afternoon.

The next morning we also tried to cross the mule from the stream around 5 AM because the flow of water was much less but it was enough for the mules to not cross and the mule person wasn't convinced.

We started making the bride after receiving the items.

The first major task was to carry the plywoods till that point.

Our team building the bridge over the icy Chandra river.

Finally the bridge was ready for everyone to cross safely.

We were so happy when the mules crossed. Finally our equipment was moving to Shea Goru.

What a tremendous effort by our team members.

We had doubts that just a few of us could actually do that angle straight the previous day. Never imagined that. The biggest challenge was this.

The next day everything was arranged. Thanks to the base team for this. With everyone's effort we actually did it. Indiahikes made it safe for everyone to cross the Chandra river.

Few porters did reached Shea Goru the previous day through the upper glacier section but that wasn't safe at all. Even few trekkers also crossed the Hampta Pass and came to Chatru through that way but wo Khatron se Khali nahi tha. It was very risky section without any rope or technical support.

After that bridge was made a few porters going that day to Chatru thanked us a lot. They were the same ones who took that risk to cross through the upper glacier section. They knew how difficult it was.

Finally by 10 am next day, our equipment reached the Shea Goru campsite. We got the news that trekkers descended down safely and reached the Shea Goru campsite around 3 PM.

The sense of satisfaction after hearing that was very special. That feeling that Indiahikes did something which ensured safety for all was amazing.

A very special credit goes to Umesh Jee for taking that lead. He has the brain to implement all this.

Lalit - What a tough Nepali he is. Super Power and dedicated member.

Polu Jee and Annu - He was of much help in implementing all the ideas. Was very quick in doing all the things.

Jaggu Dhara, Ashish, Heera, Pradeep - Pure Indiahikes team member. Took full ownership. Could see their sense of joy.

Narendra and Shikhar - Local helpers who put a lot of effort.

Kudos to everyone out here!