Important update: Dayara Bugyal pick-up and drop location changed to D...

Important update: Dayara Bugyal pick-up and drop location changed to Dehradun

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By Suhas Saya


We have changed the pick-up point for the Dayara Bugyal trek to Dehradun from Haridwar. The drop-off location will be at Dehradun too.

We will be picking you up and dropping you at the Dehradun railway station.

batches starting from May 1st onwards

Why this change?

Earlier, we had asked you to gather at Haridwar Railway station.

But from May onwards, the Chardham Yatra begins in Uttarakhand. People from all over the world flock to Uttarakhand to visit Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath and Kedarnath.

Being the hub of tourism, Haridwar and Rishikesh get very very crowded. In fact, “crowd” is an understatement for what you see there. We foresee long traffic jams on the narrow highway. It will surely delay your trek by many hours.

So we’ll be taking a different route to Raithal, from Dehradun, through Mussoorie and further on.

Before you worry about this, we have simple solutions for you.

What you should do

If you have already booked your train tickets to Haridwar and from Haridwar:

Option 1

All trains that go to Haridwar go further to Dehradun. All you have to do is request your TTE (or TC, as we all know them) to extend your train ticket to Dehradun. This is a facility offered by the Indian Railways. The TTE will charge you the appropriate fee and extend your ticket.

On your onward journey, the train usually empties out at Haridwar. And nobody climbs on from Haridwar to Dehradun. So you’ll have a big train to yourself.

Option 2

You could go on the IRCTC website and buy another ticket from Haridwar to Dehradun on the same train. This will cost you a little more. So I wouldn’t recommend it. It can be your back up plan.

If you have booked a bus to Haridwar

You’ll have to cancel your bus and book another one to Dehradun. Since your journey is only in May, and we’re still in March, you’re likely to get a refund for this ticket.

If you’re flying directly to Dehradun

Then even better. We might have suggested staying at Rishikesh before. But avoid Rishikesh completely. Just head to Dehradun city and book yourself a hotel.

You find several cabs at the airport.

If you have booked stay at Haridwar/Rishikesh

Your only option is to cancel your stay and book another hotel at Dehradun. Again, since you’re cancelling well in advance, most websites will give you a full refund.

Good options to stay at Dehradun: They’re at walking-distance from the railway station

  • Hotel Drona – A basic GMVN accommodation. Will serve the purpose
  • Hotel Milan – A budget hotel that gives you basic facilities.

How far away is Dehradun from Haridwar?

It takes around an hour from Haridwar to Dehradun by train. And it takes nearly two and a half hours by road, even though it’s only 53 km away.

So avoid travelling by road. As much as possible, travel by train. The Jan Shatabdi (day train) and the Nanda Devi Express (overnight train) are excellent options from Delhi.

We hope we have given you enough notice to make changes in your plan.

If you have any recommendations to make it easier for trekkers, drop your tips in the comments section below.

Suhas Saya

Head of DIY & Explorations Team

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