Deuter Streamer 2.0 L Hydration Bladder

Deuter Streamer 2.0 L Hydration Bladder

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By Vaibhav Chauhan


Deuter’s outdoor equipment has always inspired confidence. Of late, they have made their presence felt in India with a series of rare products that can be purchased online and at select retail stores. This is a review of their 2 litre hydration pack, a hygienic and convenient bag that allows uninterrupted flow of water. We tested it on a week-long Himalayas trek and here’s the verdict.

The Deuter hydration systems come in range of 2 and 3 litre variants. We examined their 2 litre model, Deuter Steamer 2 L.

Deuter Hydration Bladder

The design of the bladder is well-thought-out. The bladder build quality is top notch and feels solid. It is very easy to refill and has a very good water securing orange clip mechanism, which ensures no leakage.

The plastic bladder is made of polyethylene which ensures water does not change taste when kept for several days. Deuter has placed an inner film lining that makes this pack hygienic and easy to clean.

The detachable water tubes are also claimed to be taste-free. On testing the pack on a week long Himalayan trek, we noticed this to be not entirely true. However, we found that it is better than most other other hydration packs we have used.

The bite valve (from where you sip the water) is made of rubber and has a cap protection. Deuter’s helix valve system ensures a constant flow of water. The mechanism can be twisted for locking the water from leaking when not in use.

We were impressed with the ease of use. However, ensure you put the cap back on the bite valve when not in use. The rubber valve tends to fall off if not secured.

Finally, the hydration bladder fits perfectly in any hydration backpack without hassle.


  • All terrain hydration pack, easy to use.
  • Excellent build quality, leak proof.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean.


  • Expensive compared to other hydration packs in the market.
  • Bite valve system is prone to come off if not secured with its cap.


Final Verdict: Deuter Streamer 2 L is the best hydration bladder pack we have seen in the Indian market. It is made of better quality materials and will last you many treks. If you’re willing to make a good long-term investment, then go for it!


Vaibhav Chauhan

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Vaibhav was associated with Indiahikes as a Writer & Chief Explorer. He is an avid traveler with a passion for trekking in Indian Himalayas. With his roots in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh, the love for the mountains is in his blood. When not travelling he likes to spend time interacting with like-minded trek enthusiasts and read books on travel and mountaineering.