We have launched Trekking Summer Camps for children!
We have launched Trekking Summer Camps for children!

Goechala through the Seasons

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Goechala through the Seasons

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By Seersha Nambiar


Best Seasons

Autumn (Sept-Oct-Nov)

Goecha La is best done in October and November. Why? Three words. Spectacular mountain views. After the monsoon rains wash away all the dust and haze; Crystal clear views of snow clad peaks await trekkers. This is why photographers wait till Autumn to scale Goechala and capture it at its best. If you want to get great views of the Kanchenjunga.

Mid September to October end is the time for spectacular views of the Kanchejunga. Trails strewn with rhododendrons gives the trek a poetic charm. Red rhododendrons that bloom in September will turn several shades darker by October. The best part of the Goechala trek is how these colors change through different times of the year. By November these flowers will be combination of white and maroon.

Kanchenjunga at twilight

In September and October there is a possibility of rain. There will be slippery patches of ice in September but nil or negligible snow in these months. The mountain views compensate for strong cold winds in this season.

Mt. Kanchenjung PC: Savit Kulshreshtha

Summer (April-May)

Goechala trekkers will experience heavy snow during this season. Pristine white sceneries await trekkers. Red rhododendrons bloom in April setting the trail from Phedang to Dzongri alight with colors. There will be comparatively less flowers in May. Dense forest trail from Yuksom to Tshokha. Grassy meadows after Thansing. The best time to trek is from April last week to June end.

PC: Krishna Chaitanya M

Monsoon (June-July-August)

The North Eastern region of India is home to one of the wettest places on the planet. Sikkim faces heavy fog and torrential rains during these months. The southwest monsoon makes Goechala considerably difficult.

Torrential downpours make the trail dangerously slippery. Continuous rains can loosen the mud slopes and cause landslides which may block transport routes. The mist gives the views a blurry yet magical touch. It is generally not advisable to undertake the Goechala trek during the rainy season.

PC: Abhishek Vaddadi

Winter (Dec-Jan-Feb)

Trekking to Goechala in the winter months is extremely difficult (close to impossible). The slopes will be steep with ice. Trekkers will require prior experience and proper equipment for this trek.

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