Nepal Earthquake: Our teams in Uttarakhand and West Bengal report no t...

Nepal Earthquake: Our teams in Uttarakhand and West Bengal report no tremors felt

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By Swathi Chatrapathy


Lots of worried calls are pouring in from trekkers' families after last night's earthquake in Nepal. The good news is that all our teams in Uttarakhand and Sandakphu (West-Bengal) and Goechala (Sikkim) report that they felt no tremors on the treks. They are all safe and continuing on their treks.

Some of our team members in Delhi felt tremors in their homes for 30 seconds. With the epicentre of the earth quake being in Dhime in Nepal, it looks like the effects were mostly felt towards the South-western part of the region.

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There are increasing number of earth quakes in the Himalayan region these days. The good thing is that our trekkers are mostly camping outdoors in tents and are safe. At our basecamps, they are in our own campuses in Swiss tents. "We have intentionally not created concrete / multi-level structures at our campuses, knowing that the frequency of earth quakes is increasing," says Manisha Hegde, our in-house architect who has designed our campuses.

If we hear any more reports from the mountains, we will keep you posted right here. But rest assured that all our trekkers are safe.

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