Why Hampta Pass is the Valley of Flowers of Himachal

Why Hampta Pass is the Valley of Flowers of Himachal

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By Aditya Shankar


One of the most beautiful things about Hampta Pass Trek is its own valley of flowers. Surprisingly, there are so many flowers on this trek that many of our trek experts rate this trek above Valley Of Flowers trek in Uttarakhand.

Funneled between two campsites of Chikha and Balu Ka Ghera, is a small yet scenic meadow of Jwara. This is a charming green meadow adorned with flowers in a spellbinding varieties in full bloom. As you cross the multiple rivulets gurgling through these meadows, look out for yellow Marigolds sprouting around their ledges. This is just a trailer of things to come.  As you wander across Jwara grassland, a superb variety of Himalayan Blue Poppy, Pink Hill Geranium brightens the view.

The valley is particularly attractive in July and August if you want to see these wild flowers. It is insane camping next to the lovely pink colored Hill Geraniums carpeting the entire campsite. You may want to recall the famous Beatles song, “Strawberry fields forever”, for this makes Jwara a terrific camping spot not to be missed.

I will leave you with these flowers from the trek which our trek leader Naman Sharma took on his recent trek to Hampta Pass.

If you want to see these flowers in their natural settings, I suggest you go on this trek and experience it yourself.

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