An Important Update And Weather Announcement

An Important Update And Weather Announcement

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By Suhas Saya


If you are reading this, you are nearing the end of your trek preparation, and are ready to go on your trek. What an exciting feeling this is. But there is an important update I want to share with you.

I just got an update from my team. I went through the weather forecast from the IMD website as well.

We are expecting bad weather for a couple of days, today and tomorrow. There are chances of snowfall that you might witness.

While trekking in the snow is fun, trails often get blocked or inaccessible. We cannot predict the amount of snowfall that we are going to get but what we can do is be prepared for it. In case of mild snowfall, we will carry on the trek as usual. If the snowfall is heavy, then we may change the itinerary and campsites.

All our teams on the mountains are fully geared up for the bad weather and alternate arrangements are in place in case there is a change in itinerary or early descents.

So what is the next course of action that you can take

1. Head for the trek with the knowledge that the summit might not be possible but you may be able to do short treks to two camps or do alternate trails around there.

2. Shift to another date with open slots. There are no charges for shifting dates.

Write back to your Trek Coordinator with the dates of your preference if you want to shift your batch.

Having said this, the winter snow experience is wonderful. These are moments all of us look forward to. We love to go out and have a snowball fight, build our snowmen! There are hardships but the rewards are equally great! Our current batches are going to the top/summit and have come down after their treks with big smiles and exciting experiences. Please come prepared with at least 6 warm layers. Thermals and a raincoat or poncho are essential. Carry at least 4 pairs of socks and a mandatory pair of woolen socks. Here are some tips and resources on how to keep warm on a winter trek :

7 Expert Winter Trekking And Camping Tips From Indiahikes Trek Leaders

9 Tips To Have A Good Night’s Sleep On A Himalayan Trek

We are very excited to give you a memorable winter trek experience 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • What happens if I come to the basecamp/trek and I am unable to proceed beyond a point/ summit?
  • How are the current batches going?
  • How is access to the basecamp Kotgaon or Sankri? Connectivity to Delhi and Dehradun and fine at the moment in terms of the road. Trains and Flights are getting delayed or rerouted. Please be prepared for this. In the case of rerouting, use the road. Take a bus or there are a few of you in Delhi/Haridwar, share a cab. Dehradun to Sankri is doing fine. If snow levels are high, Kotgaon is not accessible by road. It is 4km away from Sankri and you may have to trek to Kotgaon.
  • What happens to our backpack offloading or rentals if I shift or cancel?  Backpack offloading will be shifted with your trek booking or refunded in case you cancel. The rental booking has to be cancelled and rebooked if you are shifting. Email for changes. The rentals charges will be refunded to you for shifting. In case of cancellation before 3 days of trek date, you will get a refund. In case less than 3 days, you will get a credit voucher.

If you have any other questions, comment below. You can call us or email your Trek Coordinator. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Suhas Saya

Head of DIY & Explorations Team

About the author

Suhas is the head of the Experience Coordinator's team and the Documentation Team. He has been working at Indiahikes for the past 5 years. He graduated as an engineer and corporate offices never excited him as much as the great outdoors! Nature, adventure, and wildlife are the top things that get his heart racing. He has done more than 12 Himalayan treks - a few of them are Roopkund, Dayara Bugyal, Buran Ghati, Kuari Pass, Kashmir Great Lakes, Warwan Valley, Ranthan Kharak.

He likes the opportunity to explore treks. He has done a few explorations in the Himalayas, the Western Ghats, and around Bengaluru. He explored the Phulara Ridge trek, which is a much-loved trek today!

Besides trekking, his interest lies in playing the guitar, learning about birds, insects, and snakes!

Write to him at to get in touch with him.