IIM-Indore students show tremendous resilience in the face of bad weat...

IIM-Indore students show tremendous resilience in the face of bad weather on a Himalayan Trek

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By Latika Payak


Uttarakhand: Two days ago, 5 groups of students from IIM-Indore start their trek on five different treks of Uttarakhand. They started the trek in clear weather, but soon dark clouds gathered.

Today on their summit day, students trekked to the highest altitude of the trek despite bad weather.

Here are some trek-wise updates:

"It has been raining continuously since 11:30 a.m.. Around 1 p.m., I received an update from the IIM team that they had successfully reached the summit and were about to reach Chilapada. Some of them had mild headaches here and there, but otherwise, everyone was doing fine. It's snowing up there," shares Slope Manager Varsha More from Dayara Bugyal slope.

"The weather has turned very bad since this afternoon. But it happened after the IIM students reached the highest point of the Kuari Pass trek. The weather went bad when they were descending. It started snowing at Tali campsite in the afternoon," shares Slope Manager Akshay Pawaskar from Kuari Pass slope.

"The weather has turned bad in Lohajung as well. It's been raining continuously for the past 3 hours. The good thing is that the team has reached the Brahamtal campsite after the summit on time," shares Slope Manager Abhishek Tiwari from Brahmatal slope.

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IIM-Indore students witnessed the Brahmatal Lake surrounded by a frozen landscape.

Outside their comfort zone, on a Himalayan trek, students have shown tremendous resilience. After going through all the hardships, they have come out successful, with lessons in teamwork and leadership.

Every year, more than 150 students of IIM-Indore take part in this carefully designed Himalayan Challenge by Indiahikes. This is aimed at honing their collaborative leadership skills.

On a Himalayan Challenge, overcoming these challenges, day in and day out, as a team, tests and develops their skills of collaborative leadership.

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