Which Himalayan trek should you choose as your second one?

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Which Himalayan trek should you choose as your second one?

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By Aswati Anand


After your first Himalayan trek, you might want to choose something a bit more challenging than your first one. In the first part of the episode, our senior Trek Leader Vishal and Swathi discussed which trek you should select as your first one. In this video, Vishal shares his thoughts on which would be the next level of high altitude treks.

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Here’s a gist of what Vishal says about the next level of Himalayan Treks

Hampta Pass: This treks lines up as the perfect connection between an easy and difficult trek. It has just the right amount of leisure and the right amount of challenge in the pass-crossing.

Buran Ghati: This is another trek that is a good bridge between easy and difficult treks. While most of the days are fairly easy, the day of the pass crossing is what makes it most difficult. The near-vertical ice wall at 15,000 ft is what makes it most challenging.

There are several other treks that we would recommend for second timers. Take a look at them here

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