18 real photos of Brahmatal that show you how the trek looks in winter

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18 real photos of Brahmatal that show you how the trek looks in winter

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By Manasa N L


Most trekkers think December is the end of winter. But they could not be more wrong. In truth, the real winter sets in the months of January and February. Yet, not all treks are accessible at this time of the year. Brahmatal is those rare few treks that you can do during these months.

The Brahmatal trek stands out in the winter because it’s the only winter trek that takes you to an alpine lake. To reach the lake, you have to trek for 3 days through a variety of landscapes: the oak and rhododendron forests, an adventurous ridge walk with stunning views, and a thrilling summit climb that tests your endurance. In addition, you camp in some of the most unique campsites of our country.

I’ll not reveal any more details of the trek; I'll let the pictures do the talking. 

We have curated a special photo story of the trek to show you the real picture of it in winter. So let's dive into it.

Indiahikes campus at Lohajung consisting of many Swiss tents nestled among green mountains

The trek starts from Lohajung. The Indiahikes community campus at Lohajung has been voted as one of the most scenic campuses by our team. There is a reason for this. You get to see Mt Nanda Ghunti, a 6000 metres summit, right outside your window. It’s a luxury any mountain lover would die for. Picture by Abhishek Tiwari.

Two friends going through snow laden forests of the Brahmatal trek in February and March

The forests of Brahmatal are layered in such a way that they're not so dense yet not so sparse. You can see for a long distance in between trees, yet they make you feel cosy. In winter, this is how dreamy the forest looks with a dusting of snow. Picture by Vishwas Krishnamurthy.

A person standing with his back closely tucked to a big tree having therapeutic experience

Have you ever hugged a tree? What better place than the pristine Himalayan jungles to do that! Trust me, it is as powerful and therapeutic as it looks in the picture. Picture by Jothiranjan.

Partly frozen Bekaltal lake surrounded by pine trees in the month of February

Day 2 of the trek is full of surprises. In the middle of oak forest lies Bekaltal, a picture perfect lake that is so full of life. The lake, though at a lower altitude compared to Brahmatal, freezes in peak winter. Getting to witness two frozen lakes in a single trek is a rarity that only the Brahmatal trek offers. Picture by Jitendra Pati.

An oak and birch forest on the trek of Brahmatal with dry leaves falling on the forest floor

By now, you might start thinking that the setting of the forests can’t get any better. But nature doesn’t fail to surprise you. As you climb up, the oak forest slowly starts transitioning into rhododendron forests that are native to the Himalayan regions. The colours of these in the months of January and February are something you must experience at least once in your lifetime. Picture by Jothiranjan.

A picture of eleven tents pitched side by side on a ridge campsite with trekkers enjoying the sunset

Tilandi is one of the most celebrated campsites of the Brahmatal trek. We almost never have ridge camps. But this is the only plateau-like ridge that allows us to camp on top, providing the perfect vantage point for the most beautiful sunsets, sunrises, and night skies. Photo by Mandar Nilange

Trekkers having an emotional moment after working hard to reach the Brahmatal Top/ Summit

Treks are truly transformative. Often, on treks, trekkers get emotional upon reaching the summit. Here is a picture of a trekker getting emotional while witnessing the sunset from the Tilandi campsite. It’s a testament to the powerful views that the Tilandi campsite offers. Picture by Faizan Shaikh.

A clear photo of Mount Nanda Ghunti under clean sky at winter

The sunrises and sunsets in winter are the most dramatic ones. Here’s a picture of Mt Nanda Ghunti basking in the evening sunlight, as seen from the Tilandi campsite. Photo by Guhanesan Shivalingam.

A trekker walking through two trees acting as gateway to the grand ridgewalk on the trek

The majestic entrance to the grand ridge walk! The treeline ends here, and you start witnessing the best of the mountain views the trek has to offer. Picture by Jothiranjan.

A group of trekkers traversing through ankle deep snow on a ridge in the months of February and Early March

The grandeur of the ridge is hard to explain; it can only be experienced. As you walk on the ridge, on one side you have rolling hills that stretch as far as your eyes can see. On the other side, you are treated to the best views of the celebrated summits of our country - Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti. The snow laden landscape in winter elevates the beauty of the whole setting. Picture by Naveen T R

A trekker gouging the distance and magnitude of the mountains like Nanda Ghunti and Mount Trishul in front of him

From Jhandi top, you not only get clear views of the mountains but can also see the trail of Ali Bedni Bugyal, a neighbouring trek to Brahmatal. Picture by Jothiranjan.

A trekker following the trail through deep snow on the ridgewalk from Jhandi Top to Brahmatal Top

As you approach the summit, you get closer and closer to Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti. The presence of snow in winter makes the climb all the more thrilling. Picture by Sachin Venkatesh.

A cinematic photo of a trekker standing on top of a big boulder with Mount Nanda Ghunti in the background

The sheer size of Mt Trishul as seen from Jhandi Top, makes you realise the true power of mountains and nature. It’s a humbling experience. Picture by Jothiranjan.

A group of trekkers enjoying the walk on crisp snow towards their way to the Brahmatal Lake

A panorama of mountain views starts opening up as you inch closer to Brahmatal top. Not jus Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti, you also see Mt Chaukhamba, Mana Parbat, Mandir Parbat, Nilgiri, Neelkanth stretching across the horizon. Photo by Vishwas Krishnamurthy.

A close up view of Mt Trishul from the summit looking intimidating

A close up view of Mt Trishul from the summit, beautifully captured by our chief photographer, Jothiranjan. Only a handful of winter treks offer close up views of the Himalayan peaks. Brahmatal is one of them. 

Trekkers walking on top of the frozen Brahmatal Lake in winter when the lake has frozen over

A short descent from the summit takes you to the most anticipated section: Brahmatal. Unlike Bekaltal, it’s an oligotrophic lake with no life in it. Such contrasting lakes in a single trek! In the months of January and February, if you are lucky, you even get to witness the frozen Brahmatal - a sight unique to the winter season. Photo by Ashish Bhatt.

This is how dreamy the Brahmatal campsite looks like during winter evening. Photo by Vishwajeet Chavan.

Three trekkers returning through a trail through the Khorurai Forest surrounded by oak and pine trees

On the last day, you descend through the Khorurai forest, marking the end of a beautiful trek. The forest is aptly named, as Khoru translates to oak in the local language. Photo by Jothiranjan.

I hope this photo story helped you get an idea of the trek. I repeat, the Brahmatal trek in winter is truly an experience you will cherish for the rest of your life. 
If you have any questions about the trek, comment on this post. I’ll help you out.

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